Explorers in the jungle-woodmam

Explorers in the jungle

  Keeping your promises, valuing the power of community, and always having the belief that you will win are priceless values in life, and with them you can cross any "primeval forest" and reach your desired destination.

  Out of the jungle came four men, disheveled, ragged, exhausted and struggling to walk, like prisoners who had just escaped from death row.

  The two in front of them, together carrying a heavy wooden box. The two at the back were on crutches. They originally did not know each other, were recruited by the explorer Magrave to participate in the primeval forest expedition. However, not long ago, the Magrave was a terrible fever took life, leaving only this group of four people without a leader.

  They could not understand the passion of Magrave's expedition (if it was to find gold, it was another story). They would never have accompanied him on this frenzied expedition if not for the high fee he paid. However, Margrave always smiled warmly and said, "What scientists find is worth more than gold."

  Margrave died. They had thought that his action finally ended in failure. However, now it seems that this was not the case. Before he died, he left them this mysterious, heavy chest. This was when he knew his death was near. It was nailed up and sealed on their backs.

  "To get it out, the four of you must work together - two at a time - to take turns carrying it." He instructed. "I want everyone to promise me that they will never leave it until it is safely delivered to its destination. The address is on the lid of the box. If you can get it safely to my good friend MacDonald, you will be rewarded with a priceless treasure. He lives just outside the jungle, by the sea." Do you promise me? "

  They all solemnly promised him, for these were the last words of a man they respected in common. How could they not honor him? In this terrible primeval forest, whenever they were almost hostile to each other because of the monotony and tedium that corrupted their minds, it was always Margrave who united them. He used his spiritual strength to infect them and inspire them, making this small expedition overcome countless unexpected difficulties. Now, he and them forever, but he left behind this mysterious wooden box and he asked them to make a promise to him, but instead of him to become a spiritual link between the four people.

  This is a strange combination. These four people are: Barry, a college student; Macready, a large Irish cook; Jim Sykes, a sailor; and Johnson, whom Margrave found in a lakefront bar.

  Sailor Sykes had a map. Whenever they stopped for a break, he would always pull it out and study it carefully. He would point his finger at it and say, "This is where we're going." From the map, it didn't look too far away. But to get there. How easy it was!

  The jungle was getting thicker and thicker. Danger and fear kept coming to them.

  At this moment, how they missed Margrave! For he was always able to give them a moral boost in time of difficulty. In any situation, he always gave them the motivation to move forward.

  At first. They talked to each other. For them, it seemed to be a comfort to hear the voice of others. But soon they realized that talking only seemed to add to the weight of the box and increase physical fatigue; so they fell silent. What followed was something worse than silence: the recurring and overlapping longing for family and home, the suspicion of companions and the fear of the forest and death in everyone's mind. The only thing that can sustain the collective is the box left by Margrave. Although it seems heavier and heavier, it is the only thing that is real when everything is almost a dream. It was the one that drove them on when they were exhausted; it was the one that united them when they were on the verge of division.

  They had very complicated feelings about it: they hated it like a prisoner hates his chains, but they also admired it like a man in hell thirsting for an angel of light.

  What treasure did this mysterious wooden box contain? They were speculating according to their imagination. But there was one thing in common: the noble Magrave would never deceive them. Because of this, they are also wary of each other: must not let someone take the priceless treasure. In fact, this fear was superfluous. As Margrave said, it took four people working together to carry the heavy chest out.

  The day has finally come! The big forest that tight green wall opened up, they came to the edge of the jungle. By this time, they were exhausted.

  After a lot of hard work, they finally found Mr. MacDonald.

  The old man in a grease-stained white coat warmly received the four people who had escaped from the dreadful dense forest. After they had a full meal, Johnson licked his dry lips, a little embarrassed to bring up the issue of Magrave's promise of payment.

  The old man listened, but lovingly spread his hands, said apologetically: "But, friends, I have nothing. I have nothing to offer you except my gratitude. Margrave is a good friend of mine, and I am very grateful to you for having kept my promise to him, but I cannot repay you."

  Johnson pointed to the box and said, "It's in here."

  Sykes also repeated eagerly, "Inside the box."

  "Please open it." The four men demanded in unison.

  They started to dismantle the box. Layer after layer of wood. Johnson said, "What kind of joke is this?"

  But Sykes said, "I heard a sound! I hear a click. Come and see!" All four men gathered around. However, what MacDonald pulled out of the box was a worthless piece of ordinary rock!

  Disappointed, Macready said, "I've long thought that man was a little crazy, saying something about a priceless treasure more valuable than gold in the chest!"

  "No", said Barry quickly, "I remember his exact words: If you can get it safely into the hands of my good friend MacDonald, you will have priceless treasure."

  "So what?" Macready yelled in annoyance.

  Barry sized up his companions in turn as his mind replayed their horrific experience in the primeval forest. It was as if he had seen the piles of white bones along the roadside again. He remembered what people had warned before they entered the forest: no one who ventured into the forest alone could come out alive.

  He finally understood. He said in a deep voice: "Friends, is it not clear? What the Magrave has given us is our lives! Without this box, without the binding of our promises, we would have come out of the jungle alive?"

  The "sub-target" of the wise

  Wise people often set "secondary goals" in order to achieve their primary goal, so that it will be easier to accomplish the primary goal. Many people will be too ambitious goals, or too lofty ideals and easy to give up, which is very unfortunate. If you set "secondary goals", you can get satisfactory results faster, can gradually complete the "secondary goals", the psychological pressure will be reduced, the main goal can be completed one day.

  Newspaper once reported a rich man with a million dollars, but turned out to be a beggar. In our minds inevitably doubt: people rely on people's alms a penny, but why have such a huge amount of savings? In fact, these savings certainly did not come from nowhere, but from a little bit of small savings accumulation. One cent to ten dollars, to a thousand dollars, to ten thousand dollars, to a million, and so on. It would be almost impossible to save a million dollars quickly by begging.

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