Don't cut down that tree-woodmam

Is it really so?" Henry was half convinced, but he was willing to take it all for granted. He pulled out all the change in his pocket and treated Cheney to a hamburger with a Coke.

  For a long time Henry always chanted in his mind, "Am I really Napoleon's grandson?" Gradually, this lingering thought finally convinced him that this was a fact.

  Henry's whole life was changed, before he was full of inferiority because of his short size, but now he felt proud of it: my grandfather commanded thousands of horses by this image. He used to feel that his English was not pronounced well, like an annoying hillbilly, but now he thinks his English with a little French accent is pleasant to the ear. When he was determined to start a business, he encountered numerous unimaginable difficulties because he started from scratch, but he was full of confidence. He said to himself that he could not find the word "difficult" in Napoleon's dictionary. Thus, with the belief that he was Napoleon's grandson, he overcame all the difficulties and became the chairman of a large company, and built a 30-story office building across from the park where he often wandered.

  On the 10th anniversary of the company's founding, he asked someone to investigate his origins and concluded that he was not Napoleon's grandson. But Henry didn't let that get him down, saying, "It doesn't matter if I'm Napoleon's grandson anymore; what matters is that I learned a truth about success: when you believe it, it's true."

  Without self-confidence, there is no success. A person who has achieved great success, first of all, because he is confident.

  It has been said that confidence is half of success, and that is very true.

  Confident people rely on their own strength to achieve their goals, and people with low self-esteem only by virtue of fluke.

  Throughout history, there are many failures why failure, the reason, either because of incompetence, or because of the lack of self-confidence.

  Self-confidence, so that the impossible becomes possible, so that the possible becomes reality. Not confident, so that the possible becomes impossible, so that the impossible becomes hopeless.

  One point of self-confidence, one point of success; ten points of self-confidence, ten points of success. When you are always asking yourself: Can I succeed? At this time, you are still difficult to pick the flowers of success. When you say to yourself with confidence: I will be able to succeed. At this point, the harvest season of life is not too far away from you.

  Don't cut down that tree

  Looking back, everything has the potential to turn around as long as we don't give up easily.

  In the winter when I was nine years old, my dad took me to the outskirts of town in northern Arras to spend Christmas with my grandfather - where he had a small farm.

  One day, while playing, I noticed that one of the fig trees in front of the house was dead: some of the bark had peeled off, and the branches were no longer dark green, but completely yellow. When I touched it, a branch was broken with a "bang".

  So I said to my grandfather, "Grandpa, that tree is already dead, let's cut it down! Let's plant another one." But grandpa didn't agree. He said, "Maybe it's true that it's dead. But after the winter, it will probably bud and branch again - maybe it's getting its strength back! Remember, son! Don't cut down the tree in winter."

  As my grandfather expected, the next spring, the apparently dead fig tree actually sprouted again, and felt the coming of spring like the other trees, and only a few branches really died. In the summer, the tree looked no different from its partners, all flourishing and green.

  As an adult, I became an elementary school teacher and have encountered similar situations more than once in my twenty years of teaching.

  The stutterer Pierre, who could not even recite the alphabet, is now a famous lawyer; and the Basque boy, who was the most naughty and had the worst grades, became a top student in the university, and is now the vice president of a company with huge assets.

  More noteworthy is my youngest son, Brown. He unfortunately suffered from polio when he was young and became a cripple. But I remembered my grandfather's words, never gave up hope for him, and always encouraged him not to be discouraged - and now he has successfully completed his college course and is a public library administrator. You know, Brown could only move three fingers of his left hand, and it was very difficult to lift his hand to hold his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

  In retrospect, as long as we don't give up easily, everything has the potential to turn around. In the past decades, I myself have encountered frustrating and sad things from time to time, but my grandfather's teachings have always encouraged me (although the farm has long since changed ownership, and I heard that it has become a factory area, and my grandfather has also passed away for many years), so that I can see what will happen after the winter, and thus successfully overcome one family and career crisis after another.

  Choose the way of life

  What really gives us a fatal blow is time, which is biting our life vine every moment.

  There is no need to despair, we can't escape from old age, we can't escape from the limited years, but we can escape from the tiger, from life's oncoming disasters. If you have encountered the crisis of life dilemma, the following parable, may give you a little enlightenment.

  There was a young man, one day, because of bad mood, he went out of the house, wandering around aimlessly, and unknowingly came to the deep forest. Here he heard the melodious birdsong, saw the beautiful flowers and plants, his mood gradually improved, he wandered, feeling the beauty and happiness of life. Suddenly, a whistling wind sounded around him, and when he looked back, he was scared out of his wits. He drew up his legs and ran to a big tree, saw a big hole under the tree, a thick vine from the tree deep inside the hole, he almost did not think, grabbed the vine and slid down, he thought, this may be the safest, to escape the disaster.

  He sighed with relief and held on to the vine with both hands, listening with his ears to what was going on outside, and occasionally sticking his head out to see. The tiger was pacing around and wouldn't leave for a long time. The young man's suspended heart was tense again, and he looked up uneasily, and he was surprised to see a squirrel with sharp teeth biting the vine. Although the vine is thick, but can withstand the squirrel bite how long? He subconsciously looked down at the bottom of the hole, really great! There were four big snakes in the bottom of the cave, staring at each other, with long cores shaking in their mouths. Fear came from all sides. He was so pessimistic. Climbing out there are tigers, jumping down there are poisonous snakes, not up, not down, want so not on nor down it, but there is the squirrel biting the vine, he has even heard the vine was bitten where the cackle Ba Ba to break the sound of the unbroken.

  You may have realized that this story is not a special case of life, nor is it a concrete reality of life, but a metaphor for life's situation. The sutra explains that the tiger is no other than impermanence; the squirrel is time; the four big snakes are the inescapable birth, old age, sickness and death of life; and the vine is our lifeline. There is no doubt that tigers exist in this world, just as disasters, just as afflictions, just as the sky is flying out of the sky. These misfortunes always come to earth. Whether it comes to you or to him, whether it comes once or often, there may be a certain amount of chance.

  Buddha said that this is impermanence. From the surface, time does not pose a threat to life, and we even think it is a free train to carry life, but what really gives us a fatal blow is time, time is biting our life vine every moment. Life is such a bitter hole. People are driven out of the mother, they are driven to this hole, life in the birth of old age, sickness and death in addition to this suffering, there are many unexpected setbacks and blows, perhaps you often by the suffering close to the eyes. So what do you do?

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