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Goddard has had 18 death-defying experiences on his journey to achieve his goals. "These experiences have taught me to appreciate life a hundredfold and that I want to try anything I can do." He says, "People often live their whole lives without ever showing great courage, strength and stamina. But I've found that when you think you're going to be finished anyway, you suddenly have an amazing amount of strength and control that you never dreamed you had in you. When you experience it this way, you feel like your soul is elevated to another realm."

  He notes that just about everyone has their own goals and dreams, but not everyone goes out of their way to try to achieve them. "The Volition of a Lifetime" was set when I was very young, and it reflects the aspirations of a teenager, of which there are certainly some things I no longer want to do, like climbing Everest or being a movie star like 'Tarzan of the Apes.' It's often the case with setting goals to strive for; some things may be out of your reach and can't be accomplished, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on the whole pursuit."

  "It pays to take a look at your life and ask yourself this question: 'If I only had one more year to live, what would I be prepared to do?' We all have aspirations that we want to fulfill, so don't put it off, start doing it now!"

  Goddard's plans for the future remain full, including a visit to the Great Wall (No. 49) and a climb of Mount McKinley (No. 23), and he's not giving up easily on any of his goals. "That way, I'm always 'ready to go' when the opportunity arrives."

  Indeed, deep in his heart, he was convinced that one day he would finally achieve his goal No. 125 - to visit the moon.

  From his wife

  A woman is half the sky, and has her own ideas and opinions.

  I gave birth to his children. I adapted to his situation, and like my mother looked at my father, I looked at him with the same eyes. I learned to wash diapers, I coaxed children, I swept the house.

  I had taken math and Latin, and I took physics and French. My grades were middle to high.

  I let him touch me, I let him hit me, and I always didn't hit back. I had to know that he was better than me.

  I watched the fetus in my womb grow day by day. I experienced the pain of childbirth. I said, "Therefore I am a wife. I talk to myself and I am happy. I drove him to work and I cooked for him.

  I see him fear when I am sick.

  I see him bored when my child cries.

  I watch, in silence, as my mother is driven away by him. Just because she put the diapers by the stove and the coffee by the window. I had to comprehend that he could say whatever he wanted, and what people would think of us, I wasn't sure. I adapted to this life of his.

  I asked him why he was angry, I listened to his ramblings, I greeted his bosses, I entertained his colleagues. I let his mother reprimand me, I was submissive to her, I learned from her my husband's customs, my husband's tastes. I will take care of him.

  I will teach my children to say thank you and say yes, to curtsy, to extend a nice little hand to a friend, to sing a Christmas song. I nurse his children.

  I am so afraid.

  I have learned to understand, I have learned to forgive. I try to find my faults. I always wish that my husband was my big brother! I never said a single word to him like that.

  I told him I loved him, and I learned to be meek. That I would protect the children when he was angry. But I knew he had the right to be angry. I explained to people that he had the right. How disappointed I was. But I said to myself, I was quick to live.

  I had been quick to live, when he hugged me, when he warmed up to me. I learned to soothe him, I gave him courage. I sought a lovable lover. I cried behind closed doors to the corner. I know that melancholy is not good for the body. But I am alone. I gather my courage. I see that my hands are the same as my mother's. I masturbate. I masturbate to the fact that the loneliness of the day is nothing compared to the love of attachment. I don't ask myself.

  I just start. I learn that he has moments of fear. When he shrieks in his dreams at night, I shake him awake and I tell him I am here. I let him remember his dreams and I am listening. I want to be his sister. I should also have the heart of a loving mother. I ponder that I should be gentle, I should be amiable. I should be a warm nest, I should be a sheltered port. I act as a competent woman. I love my children, and I want to leave home. I wanted to give up on myself, but I couldn't. When I think about it, I am sad and I ask questions.

  I wish it would all go away, and when we are old it would be quiet. I know that I am powerless to change my husband. I am not stubborn.

  I must remember that I have to forget Latin. I have to forget about higher mathematics. He is unemployed and I encourage him. I'm going to set up a small home. I'm going to set up a modest home. I'm going to live on this money. I cured the children of their illnesses. I had a lot of nightmares.

  I have headaches, I have insomnia, I have to take pills. I have back pain, I'm anemic, I'm a sleepwalker.

  I would finally fight and go against him. I become disobedient, I don't talk to him. He got mad and I got mad, and I just hoped the kids would grow up soon.

  I was completely finished, I cut my artery to kill myself and I didn't die. I watched as he tied my hands, took me to the hospital, saw the doctor, and he lied about an accident. I wish someone had come and asked me.

  I was the only one asking myself.

  Finally, he came through again. I wished him success in his career. I counseled the kids. I took the birth control pill. I said to myself, don't be afraid. I will fight back and resist. I will not allow anyone to hurt me again.

  I learned to type and shorthand. I got a job. I became confident again, and I was able to earn money again. On Christmas night, I was exhausted and deflated.

  I could only work half days because of the kids.

  We were able to travel and afford fancy furniture. I moved forward again, and I stopped looking at my watch all the time waiting for my shift to end. I said, a week of ninety hours of work can not be exhausted me.

  I don't give up hope, I just stay solid and don't show my face.

  We build houses, we send our kids to school, we attend parent-teacher conferences. We all do what concerns us, and we don't reminisce about the past. I created this life, I transformed the atmosphere of life. I picked up math again, and Latin.

  I didn't give up; I wanted to make me happy. I became stubborn. I'm going to make my own claims.

  I wanted to teach my daughter to rebel.

  I'm getting used to being alone myself.

  Yesterday, I saw my daughter with a young man. I said these words to the young man. I said, "She treats you like I treat my husband.

  I asked myself if this was an opportunity.

  The path of others

  The road in the world is not the smoother and smoother the more people walk on it, following the footprints of others is not only not new, but sometimes you may fall into a trap.

  A man wants to cross the swamp, because there is no road, so he tries to walk. Although very dangerous, left across the right jump, but also to find a section of the road to, but not for long, not far, accidentally a foot into the mud, sinking.

  Another person to cross the swamp, see the footprints of the previous people, they thought: this must be someone walked, along the footprints of others must not be wrong. With his foot, he tried to step on it, and it was really real, so he walked on with confidence. In the end, he also sank into the mud with one foot.

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