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Inside the answer it says: many people choose only one of the options and the best answer is: "Give the car keys to the doctor so he can take the old man to the hospital; then I wait for the bus with the girl of my dreams".

  Is it because we never want to give up any advantage, like the car keys? Sometimes we can get more if we can give up some stubbornness, restrictions or even benefits instead. There is a lot of deeper questions here about taking and giving. At every critical moment in your life, use your wisdom judiciously, make the best judgement and choose the right direction for you. Don't forget to check your perspective and adjust it when appropriate, and don't be like a woodcutter carrying cotton who wants to get through all the stages of his life based on one philosophy. Always be aware of whether you are clinging to ideas that contradict the laws of success; the pursuit of success does not mean that you have to give up all your clinging and adapt to the laws of success. All you need to do is to make reasonable corrections to your intentions and adapt them to the experiences and advice of those who have succeeded, and you will be on your way to an easy success.

  Once again, let go of unnecessary stubbornness and calmly make the right choice with an open mind. Every time you make the right choice you will always be on the right path to success.

  Choose an environment for success

  With good thinking comes good behavioural performance; with good behaviour comes good habits: good habits naturally lead to good destiny results and to a change of destiny.

  The important factor that determines our achievements in life is not what is generally called fate, but the environment in which each person finds himself or herself.

  Perhaps we do not have the power to create an environment, but we can choose one.

  In the middle of an examination period, there was a scholar who wanted to go to the provincial capital for his examinations, but his wife, who was expecting a baby at any moment, could not be left alone at home. He wanted to take his wife with him, hoping that they could go to the provincial capital together before giving birth. The journey was tiring and I don't know if the baby was in a hurry to come out sooner or not. Halfway through the journey, my wife's stomach started to hurt and she was about to give birth.

  There were very few homes along the way, and it was only after a short distance that they found a home. The blacksmith's wife was also in labour. It was lucky for him that a midwife was on hand to help his wife give birth.

  In a short time, the wife and the blacksmith's wife gave birth to two sons, both safe and sound. The two boys were born in the same year, on the same day and at the same hour.

  Sixteen years later, the son grew up and followed in his father's footsteps and got into the talent test. When the old master was overjoyed, he remembered that the blacksmith's son had the same birth date as his own master son, so he must have been a master at this time.

  Thinking back to the time when his wife was in labour, he prepared a gift of four colours and rushed to the blacksmith's house to congratulate him on his son's high school success.

  When he arrived at the blacksmith's house, he saw the old blacksmith sitting at the door smoking a dry cigarette, while a young boy inside was busy working on his iron. Xiu Cai presented the gift and asked where the old blacksmith's son had gone.

  The old blacksmith pointed to the door and said, "Well, there he is. He hasn't gone anywhere!"

  Xiu Cai was surprised, "It's him, that's strange. According to fate, your son and my son were born at the same time and have the same eight characters, so he should be a scholar by now.

  The blacksmith laughed out loud, "What talent? This boy has been working with me since he was a child, and he can't even read a word, so how can he take the talent test?

  It was only at this point that the old scholar realised that his birth date was not accurate, and that his circumstances would be very different.

  This story gives us a good direction to think about. The important factor that determines our achievements in life is not the so-called fate, but the environment in which we live.

  Destiny is mostly formed by the accumulation of habits, which are the result of the same behaviour over time; behaviour is the result of thought. Therefore, destiny can be changed, and the fate that we are facing at the moment is the result of past patterns of thought.

  If one wants to have a better destiny in the future, one can adjust the pattern of thought in the present to make it move in a good direction.

  Good thoughts lead to good behaviour; good behaviour leads to good habits: good habits naturally lead to good destiny results and to a change of destiny.

  Another factor that has a huge impact on achievement is that of the environment. And the environment we find ourselves in is difficult to change with individual power.

  Just as the story of the scholar and the blacksmith's son are very different, we know that a person with good qualifications in an environment where success is difficult to achieve will have limited success, while a mediocre, ordinary person is in the midst of successes with endless opportunities, even if he does not want to succeed.

  The influence of environment on a person is so profound that we must not take it lightly. We must always check whether our surroundings are conducive to success, whether they are full of positive energy and whether there are many successful people who can drive us.

  Circumstances are difficult to change, but they can be replaced. If you feel that your current environment does not offer you enough help to succeed, it is advisable to find a new environment that will allow you to be successful, so that your potential can be stimulated and success can be expected.

  Spiritual bondage

  Are there chains in our environment that we grow up with that are invisible to the naked eye? And we naturally take these chains for granted as a matter of habit.

  Life is not a straight line, but rather like a tree that most of us have to transplant before it can blossom.

  A child, after watching a spectacular circus show, goes outside his tent with his father to get hay to feed the animals after the show. The child noticed the herd of elephants off to the side and asked his father, "Dad, the elephants are so strong, why do they only have a small chain tied to their feet, can't they break that chain to escape?"

  The father smiled and patiently explained to the child, "Yes, the elephant cannot break the thin chain. When the elephant was small, the trainer used the same chain to tie the baby elephant, and at that time the baby elephant was not strong enough to break the chain. "

  As my father was explaining, there was a fire in the circus, which, along with the straw and tents, burned very quickly and spread to the animals' resting area.

  The animals were agitated by the fire, and the elephants were stamping their feet, but they could not break the chains around their feet. As the fire finally approached the elephants, one elephant was already on fire, and as it burned, it lifted its foot and easily broke the chain off its foot, quickly running away to safety.

  When one or two of the other elephants saw their companion break the chain and escape, they immediately followed suit and broke the chain. But the other elephants refused to try and just kept stamping their feet in anxious circles, and were swept away by the fire.

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