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  The old man took out a small box from the cabinet, opened it, and took out a particularly beautiful style of gold-cased pocket watch. This pocket watch is not only exquisite style, more bizarre is: it can clearly show the movement of the stars, the tide of the sea, but also accurately mark the month and date. This is simply a "magic watch", where in the world to find ah! The poet was in love with it. He was eager to buy this "treasure", so he asked the price of the watch. The old man smiled and asked for the "treasure" in exchange for the ordinary watch in the young man's hand.

  The poet really cherished the watch and wore it when he ate, walked and slept. However, after a while, he gradually became dissatisfied with this watch. Finally, he went to the old watchmaker and asked to exchange it for his ordinary watch. The old watchmaker pretended to be surprised and asked him what he was not satisfied with such a rare pocket watch.

  The young poet said regretfully: "It does not tell the time, but the watch is meant to tell the time. What use would I have for it if I didn't know the time with it? Who will ask me about the tides of the sea and the movements of the stars? This watch is really of no practical use to me."

  The old watchmaker smiled faintly, put the watch on the table, picked up the young poet's poetry book, and said meaningfully: "Young friend, let us try to do our own business. You should remember: how to bring usefulness to people."

  It was then that the poet came to his senses and understood from the bottom of his heart the profound meaning of these words.

  The Jewel of Trial Gold

  Life is amazing. No matter how we identify ourselves, even if that identification is bad or harmful, eventually our life is bound to follow that identification. We all have the infinite ability to change our perceptions of ourselves if we can.

  One day, a Zen master, in order to inspire his disciples, gave his disciple a stone and told him to go to the vegetable market and try to sell it. The stone was very big and beautiful. But the master said, "Don't sell it, just try to sell it, pay attention to it, ask some more people, and then tell me how much it will fetch at the vegetable market." The man went.

  At the vegetable market, many people looked at the stone and thought: it would make a nice little ornament that our children could play with, or we could use this as a scale for weighing lai. So they made an offer, but it was only a few small coins. When the man came back, he said, "The most it can be sold for is a few coins."

  The master said, "Now you go to the gold market and ask the people there. But don't sell it, just ask the price." When he came back from the gold market, the disciple was very happy and said, "These people are wonderful. They were happy to offer up to $1,000."

  The master said, "Now you go to the jeweler, but don't sell it." He went to the jeweler. He couldn't believe it, they were happy to offer $50,000, and he wouldn't sell it, and they continued to raise the price - they offered up to $100,000.

  But the man said, "I'm not going to sell it." They said, "We'll offer $200,000, $300,000, or whatever you want, as long as you sell it!" The man said, "I can't sell it, I'm just asking the price." He couldn't believe it: "These people are crazy!" He himself felt that the vegetable market price was enough.

  When he came back, the master took back the stone and said, "We are not going to sell it, but now you understand, this depends on you, on whether you have the touchstone, the understanding. If you are living in a vegetable market, then you only have the understanding of that market and you will never recognize the higher value."

  Strive to be exceptional

  The role that self-confidence plays in the development of a person's life is immeasurable, whether intellectually or physically, or in the various abilities to do things; self-confidence occupies a position of cornerstone support. A person who lacks self-confidence will lack the initiative and motivation to explore things, and his or her abilities will naturally have to be restrained.

  You will be a gem only if you are a gem yourself.

  A student facing graduation asked such a question to his teacher - "Modern industrial and commercial society is the standard academic society, and a person tends to be determined by the fact that the university he or she attended is not good, and the whole future is just like that."

  Because, the preconceptions are deeply rooted in the minds of the general public. This is something that can't be helped, and it often makes people feel indignant. What should I do, teacher?

  The teacher replied, "If you really believe this, you will probably become that way. If you think you are just a third-rate university graduate, you are destined to live a third-rate life for the rest of your life. On the contrary, if you think in your heart: although I am only a third-rate university graduate, but I am not willing to become a third-rate person, much less live a third-rate life. If you can really think that way, you can live a first-class life."

  The student tilted his head, obviously not quite understanding the meaning of the teacher's words, and the teacher seemed to see the words written on his face: "Is it really that simple?" You are so naive, aren't you? So the teacher went on to say, "Society is not as simple as it seems. It doesn't necessarily mean that the first graduate of a top university has a bright and shining future waiting for him. In the journey of life, there will never be an express train to get you to your destination as soon as possible; on the other hand, there will not be a slow train either. To cite the simplest example, there are often famous stars who graduated from the university, a lifetime of mediocrity, living a mediocre life; there are also people who graduated from elementary school, although only a small factory owner, but also can do a successful business; every day to live a full and dynamic life. Aren't all these examples facts that are there for us to see?"

  However, the student was not yet very convinced, saying, "I often hear people advise me and encourage me in this way. However, I think these are very exceptional examples. For example, Kakuei Tanaka, the former prime minister of Japan, was not a university graduate, but he still became prime minister, and was even called the prime minister of the common people. However, your tone of voice implies that most prime ministers are graduates of first-class universities, and most factory operators are graduates of first-class universities. Isn't that so?"

  The teacher nodded and said, "Yes, you are right, and therein lies the problem." Indeed, in our society, the students graduated from famous universities are indeed very active and very popular, where is the reason? And what is the difference? When taking university exams, there are often many people who are assigned to second-rate schools with just a single point of difference in performance, yet this does not prove that the difference in ability between them will be great. A successful entrepreneur once said that people who graduated from ordinary universities are very good managers. The meaning of the words, as if the graduates of famous universities, a big respect and far away. Honestly, the key lies in this.

  "Graduates of top universities have unintentionally studied ways of thinking very early on, and they all possess 'naive thoughts', that is, they think 'they are graduates of top universities, so they will definitely have a glorious future in the future'. It is because of the presence of this kind of consciousness that they can instead make themselves truly active and capable people."

  The student then asked, "What is the thinking method?"

  "It is the belief that one is bound to succeed. It means that even people without education can get the same results if they learn this method of thinking. The fact that people who graduated from first-class universities are so active in society can prove that this thinking is correct."

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