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Which parental behavior tends to make children stupid? Parents of these 6 kinds of behavior, you have? You should know that these 6 behaviors of parents can make their children stupid, but do not let your wrong behavior, become a tool to hinder the intellectual development of children! Every parent wants their children to be gifted and smart.

But life, some of the behavior of parents, often the child becomes more stupid.

1. let the child eat too much

Many parents believe in a saying: the more children eat, the higher they grow, the better the body. At the dinner table, even if the children say they have eaten enough, or can not eat, parents still want to give them hard stuff, afraid they are hungry.

This behavior, in fact, is very unscientific. It is often said that the meal should be eaten 8 minutes fully, which is justified. Because if the child eats too much too support, their spirit will become lazy, and the brain will also slow down the speed of operation. In the long run, children may experience premature brain cell failure and intellectual decline, which is extremely detrimental to their growth!
Therefore, it is important for parents to arrange their children's diet in a scientific and reasonable manner to help them meet the challenges of learning in a better physical condition.

2. Let children stay up late

Adults should have a deep understanding of what it's like to stay up late. After staying up late the day before, the next day's mental state becomes poor and the mind becomes slow. This is true for adults, not to mention children who are still in the developmental stage. Scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep accelerates the decline of brain cells and reduces the speed of brain functioning. Even if a child is gifted, he or she can't afford such a torment. Therefore, parents do not need to give their children too much academic pressure, after all, a good rest and having enough sleep is the first step to ensuring their learning state!

3. Frequent reprimanding and scolding of children

In life, many parents are hot-tempered, and the child has a word of disagreement to open the scolding. Children who are often reprimanded and scolded will be psychologically traumatized and will easily develop low self-esteem and misanthropy. In serious cases, it may even lead to neurological problems, the brain becomes slower to respond, and people become more and more stupid.

4. Say "You are so stupid" to your child

Many parents do not take it seriously, and always think that the occasional verbal blow to the child does not have any impact, the child is young, listening to it will pass, and will not take it to heart. However, this concept is very wrong. A child psychologist once said that when children's thinking patterns gradually formed, they will have a strong reaction to the language around them, parents and elders of a joke may also be deeply hurt their hearts.

If parents always say things like "you're so stupid" and "you're so dumb" to their children, they will slowly accept the idea that they are stupid or dumb in their minds. Over time, they will have doubts about themselves, that they can not do anything well, and do not want to use their brains to think about things. Over time, the brain is like rust, wants to turn but can not turn up.

5. Premature knowledge transfer

Nowadays, parents have the mentality of not letting their children lose at the starting line, desperately trying to instill knowledge in their children, but never thinking about whether the child can actually withstand it. Scientific research shows that children's learning and cognitive levels are increasing with age, if they are exposed to difficult knowledge too early, children will learn very hard and very pain. Over time, they may lose interest in learning and lose confidence in themselves.

6. Deny your child's efforts

Many times, parents are reluctant to let their children do something independently because they are young and inexperienced, not realizing that this behavior dampens their children's interest in learning. Gradually, they will begin to give up on themselves and will not want to think independently to solve things, and will only rely on their parents.

But thinking is precisely the best way to exercise the brain. Only by thinking hard, the human mind will become more and more active, that is, we often say more and more intelligent. On the contrary, not thinking will accelerate the degradation of the brain, and then smart people will become more and more stupid. So, to make your child smart, parents should not hinder the pace of self-exploration, when the child is dealing with things, parents just need to do a good job of guidance, when the child needs a hand, is the greatest support.

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