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Before the age of 3 is the golden period to enhance a baby's perception, if you strengthen the development of a baby's perception at this stage, you can see very significant changes. Generally, in daily life, mothers can let their babies have more contact with different materials and shapes of objects at home to enhance their ability to recognize these things and the most direct sensory experience of things.

If your baby has passed the age of three, then this time parents can observe whether your baby has a high IQ based on some of the baby's small performance.

1, chattering

Some mothers often find that their babies have a common feature when they communicate together, that is, talk really a lot! Some parents even worry that the child will not be a disease. In fact, if your baby is a small talker, your baby's IQ is not low. In the children's IQ assessment, there is "verbal IQ" this one, talkative children tend to be rich in thinking, and expression ability.

2, Love to listen to music

It is said that music has no boundaries, and naturally music has no age limit. Studies have shown that in almost all intellectual activities, the left and right brain is not working at the same time, but working in coordination with each other. Listening to music to stimulate the right brain at the same time, will also drive the left brain, and enhance the function of the left brain, which will improve the overall intelligence of the baby.

3, Focus

Compared to adults, children's ability to focus on one thing is much higher. Focus on doing one thing baby, usually, attention will have stable and focused attention, and attention is an important part of intelligence, and is a necessary condition for other intellectual factors such as observation, memory, and imagination.

4, Like pranks

There are many parents who are troubled that their children are very naughty and often mischievous, and feel that their babies have a tendency to have ADHD. In fact, this has nothing to do with ADHD, on the contrary, for a child who loves pranks, certainly hands-on skills and planning skills are very strong, after all, planning a successful prank is not simple!

If your baby is less than three years old, then hurry up and develop their perception while you can, start now, and don't lose at the starting line. If your child is more than three years old, then observe to see if your child has any of these high IQ performances.

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