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(6) Potential and skills

  The purpose of thinking training is ultimately to develop the intellectual potential of the individual. Talent is only a potential that can only be transformed into a real ability through long-term skill training.

  The core of thinking training is to train the brain to think as a skill, just like training drawing skills and motor skills. The instinct of thinking is not the same as the ability to think, but the formation of any kind of ability is the result of repeated skill training, and thinking must be treated as a skill to be trained repeatedly. Training thinking as a skill is a specialized requirement for intelligence.

  The core training of thinking skills is divided into two parts, one is to train the ability to translate thinking methods into reality according to the type, difficulty and simplicity of the problem. The second is to train the ability to use a variety of thinking methods to solve problems in an integrated manner.

  Third, to improve the thinking power of the method

  1, the general principles of improving thinking power

  (1) learning to use

  To learn the scientific knowledge of thinking and thinking training methods with the actual thinking training combined, consciously and systematically use specific forms of thinking and methods to solve the actual specific problems and "hypothetical ideal problems", the spontaneous thinking activities into conscious behavior. Through repeated practice, the theory and method of internalization of thinking skills, and in practice, the ability to transfer.

  (2) Step by step

  Should follow the laws of thinking development, the development of thinking training program for the individual. The order of thinking training should be: from concrete to abstract, from simple to complex, from low to high, from shallow to deep, first easy and then difficult, first partial and then overall, first analysis and then synthesis.

  (3) Build on strengths and avoid weaknesses

  Recognize their own type and characteristics, determine the strengths and weaknesses, the aspects of the strengths as the center (or for the dominant mode), the formation of a network containing a variety of thinking skills. Both by cultivating the center to drive the periphery, but also through the periphery of the training to enrich, complement and connote the center.

  (4) Varying from person to person

  Research shows that everyone's thinking is different, so pay attention to age differences and personality differences when conducting thinking training.

  (5) The pursuit of harmony

  Both focus on the left brain training, but also pay attention to right brain training; focus on critical thinking training, but also focus on creative thinking training; focus on divergent thinking training, but also focus on convergent thinking training; focus on improving analytical and logical deductive ability, but also focus on improving the ability to synthesize and intuitive comprehension; focus on improving practical wisdom, but also focus on developing theoretical thinking skills. In this way, we can make our thinking ability more harmonious and comprehensive.

  (6) Independence

  In the face of training topics to do independent thinking, independent completion of the subject, consciously develop a sense of independence, independent to ask questions, observe problems and research problems.

  (7) Welcome outlandish ideas

  There is no absolute right and wrong in many things, and there is no best solution, only better. The vast majority of training topics do not have a standard unique answer, so you should welcome strange ideas, more novel ideas.

  2. Specific ways to improve thinking power

  Thinking is not as mysterious as we think. Daily life is the best classroom, life itself can provide us with many good ways to improve thinking power: (1) game method

  (1) Game method

  Games are the most interesting thing for children, if you can inject intellectual factors in the game, you can promote the development of children's thinking power. For example.

  Guess the riddle. Riddles can not only stimulate children's interest, but also stimulate their reasoning and imagination, you can use the child's favorite things to give some clues, so that the child to raise the topic, deduce the answer.

  Number games with playing cards will also stimulate children's minds.

  Language games: one sentence after another, strung together into a story, can be recorded on a tape recorder and shared by the whole family.

  The games of hide-and-seek and hand clapping songs will promote the development of your child's thinking.

  It is a good way to train your child's thinking power, especially logical thinking, with chess.

  The game to think, in which there is reasoning, comparison, generalization, can promote thinking; game to do, hands should think how to do, which also promotes thinking; game to also move the mouth, speech expression is also the training of the brain, can make thinking fluent. Therefore, the game method is an important way and method to develop thinking power.

  (2) Stimulate doubt method

  Einstein said, "It is more important to find out the problem than to solve it." Therefore, encourage children to ask more questions, is a good recipe for the development of intellectual power:.

  One unusual math teacher recounted the work taught in each class, and then asked.

  "Are there any questions? If not, the lesson is over."

  In fact, this teacher deliberately induced students to think deeply. Once a student asked a question, he would look happier than when the student could solve the problem, praising it by saying.

  "Good question, you are very smart."

  Gradually students became interested in finding questions, and everyone especially fell in love with this teacher's class and made great strides in their level of thinking.

  Encouraging children to think more is helpful to the development of their thinking. "Doubt is an opportunity for enlightenment". The example of Thomas Edison is typical.

  Edison, the king of inventions, loved to think as a child. When he saw the clock ticking, he thought, "Why is the watch going? So he took the watch apart and put it on, and had to figure out the principle of the clock will go.

  When he knew that the balloon filled with hydrogen can go to the sky, he thought, will people go to heaven? So he got a packet of medicine that could produce gas and let the worker at home eat it, trying to get him to go to heaven, which caused the worker to hold his stomach and hurt for half a day.

  When he knew that chickens hatching eggs, he thought people to hatch can, so he squatted in the chicken nest for half a day, until his father looked around to find him. Despite his childish ideas and ridiculous practices, his brainy habits laid a good foundation for him to become a great inventor. Edison was able to invent light bulbs, telephones, movies, batteries, etc., and he developed a good habit of thinking from childhood is inseparable.

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