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Don't believe nonsense" - the questioning method

  In the Ming Dynasty, when Wang Tingxiang, a famous representative of qiology, lived, there was a saying circulating in society that snowflakes in spring were five-petalled, unlike snowflakes in winter which were six-petalled. As this was the saying of the Confucians of previous generations, everyone was convinced of it. However, Wang Tingxiang found this saying to be wrong during his actual examination. He said, "People say that snowflakes in spring are five-petalled. I am from the north, and whenever it snows in spring, I catch the snowflakes with my sleeves and check them out, and I find that the spring snowflakes are just as six-petalled as the winter ones. But everyone took the words of previous generations of Confucians as the truth and misrepresented them for a long time."

  In the Poetic Edda - Xiao Ya - Xiao Wan, it says: "The borer lacewing has a son, and the Eumenes carries it." The borer lacewing is a small green green insect on a mulberry leaf, and the Eumenes is a parasitic bee, commonly known as the earth wasp. Zhu Xi explains in his Shi Jing Ji Chuan that "the earth wasp takes the larvae of the green worm and puts them in a hole in a tree; after seven days, the larvae of the green worm change into the larvae of the Eumenes." People were convinced by this explanation of Zhu Xi, but Wang Tingxiang was not convinced, and in his investigation he found, "When I lived in the countryside, I took the nests of the earth wasps year after year and observed them, and found that every time the earth wasps made a good cave, they first put a young one inside, and then caught some green worms on mulberry leaves and flower spiders on the grass to fill the nest, and after a few days the young of the earth wasps were born and successively After a few days, the young bee is born and eats the insects and flower spiders and grows into a pupa, which transforms into a bee a few days later. Year after year, this is how it is examined. It is evident that people before us, including the great Zhu Xi, often did not look at things carefully and passed on falsehoods, and their nonsensical claims, which have not been verified in practice, are not credible." It turns out that it was not the young of the green worm that turned into the earth wasp, but the young of the earth wasp that ate the young of the green worm as food. Previous people, including the great Zhu Xi, did not examine it and ended up making a joke of it.

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