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He was so polite to all the people and his tone was so sincere that everyone was willing to let such a polite boy polish their shoes.

  And so, on the first day he brought home 50 cents, which he used to buy some food. He thought, "If this continues, everyone in the family will no longer have to go hungry, and his mother will not have to work as hard as before.

  When his mother saw him carrying the shoe shine box and bringing back the food, she shed tears of joy. "You've really grown up, Henry. The money I can earn is not enough to make your life better, but I believe we can live better in the future." Mom said.

  And so Henry worked during the day and went to school at night. The money he earned not only paid for his own tuition, but also helped to maintain the daily life of the family.

  3. Self-assessment

  That no matter how tired your parents are, you must finish the story before you will go to bed.

  you throw a tantrum whenever your parents don't do what you want until they compromise

  You won't eat if your mother's cooking is not good

  if there is a good cartoon, you have to watch it alone, even if dad only asks to see the weather forecast

  seeing that mom was sick, you let her rest at home alone and had dinner at KFC with your classmates by yourself.

  you never take the initiative to greet your parents when you come home, thinking that they see you coming back on the line.

  that mom was laid off because she was incapable and it was none of your business.

  You never cared about the family's financial problems, which were naturally the concern of Mom and Dad.

  You never remember your parents' birthday.

  Second, uncivilized manners

  1. Concept and connotation

  Civility is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is the minimum moral code of human society to maintain a normal life together. Civilized and polite reflects not only a person's inner level of ideology and morality and cultural cultivation, but also reflects whether to respect and care for people, and whether to know the art of interpersonal communication. Therefore, it is especially important for us to be a civilized and polite person.

  In a cultured person, there must be good civilized manners. In a person who lacks upbringing, bravery will become rudeness, learning will become pedantry, wit will become cunning, simplicity will become rudeness, generosity will become flattery. We can often see or hear that some of our peers do not know how to greet guests at home, and even reluctant adults to receive guests, and some are also full of foul language, mouth, and even fighting and cursing.

  First of all, civility and politeness are important factors for a person's healthy growth.

  A person's civilized behavior is an important external manifestation of his or her moral character, an important sign of his or her mental health, and an important guarantee of his or her harmonious physical and mental development. Only those who grow up in a civilized and harmonious environment can become hygienic and tidy, well-groomed, elegant and manners-abiding people.

  Secondly, civilization and courtesy are important conditions for family harmony.

  People who grow up in a family that respects and loves each other and is harmonious and happy must also be a psychologically healthy person. If a person is not polite to his or her mother and father, speaks with his or her name and calls out to them, the parents do not get the minimum respect. How can the relationship between the two generations be harmonious?

  Again, civilization and manners are the conditions for maintaining a normal social life.

  Modern society is advanced in science and technology, transportation is well connected, interactions between people, contact more and more frequent, socialization is becoming more and more widespread, life can not be separated from civilized manners. Polite treatment of people, civilized interaction, is conducive to friendly relations between people, the collective relationship of harmony and unity.

  Finally, civilization and courtesy is an important quality for a person to participate in social competition.

  With the opening of society, competition is becoming more and more intense. Good civilized habits, higher cultural cultivation, courteous demeanor and generous talk will give a person more chances of success.

  2. Overcoming points

  First, training from the instrument.

  People's appearance, posture, dress is often the external expression of a person's inner world, in daily life can often see such two phenomena: where the unkempt, disheveled, such as no special reason most of the decadent faction; where heavy makeup, the pursuit of fashionable, often spiritually empty and do not seek progress. Therefore, we can not look down on the instrument, it is for the development of our inner world, change is a great role.

  In the instrument training, we can start from insisting on washing face, brushing teeth, combing hair, washing hands, bathing and other such aspects that need to be done every day. In terms of grooming, mainly from the stand, sit, walk and posture action training, the ancients had an image of the human posture: "stand like a pine, sit like a bell, walk like the wind, lying like a bow", beautiful standing posture to give people a feeling of upright, spiritual. Formal occasions can not cross the waist or crossed hands, sitting posture requires upright and straight and not stiff, not half lying half sitting. Walking requires chest up, shoulders and arms swinging naturally, moderate pace, avoiding the eight-stride, wobbling, or twisting and breaking step. The expression requires respect for people, avoiding bad habits such as picking teeth and ears.

  We can dress with the help of our parents to dress in a lively and decent manner. If the family is not very well-off, we should be more considerate of our parents and not often ask them to buy us too expensive clothes.

  Second, training from the language.

  Language is a tool for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings, polite language like the glue that can connect people's thoughts and feelings together, polite language like a fine rain can moisten people's lungs. Therefore, we should pay attention to our language civilization, to do as one, really respect others from the heart. Such as saying "I'm sorry", is a sincere apology, not as a shield to shirk responsibility. The use of polite language must also pay attention to appropriate language, to be relevant. For example, speak to elders with respect and affection; speak to classmates with ease and enthusiasm; ask for help in a sincere manner; face elders when asked, to answer positively and enthusiastically.

  Third, training from behavior.

  Whether a person is civilized and polite, the most important thing is reflected in behavior, so we should focus on the cultivation of civilization and politeness to reflect the behavior. For example, when you go to someone's home, knock on the door first and get permission before entering; when you receive guests at home, you should learn to give up your seat, ask for tea, send guests, etc., and not to interfere with the conversation between adults.

  When you go to public places, you should take care of environmental hygiene, do not throw waste anywhere, do not spit anywhere; when you get on the bus, do not crowd when buying tickets, you should consciously line up and proceed in order; you should be especially respectful of the elderly, care for the disabled, the Lord help them to do things, give them warmth.

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