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A thing in the spread of the crowd can also become a whole lot of things, which is simply unwarranted disaster for the person concerned. Many people have played the game of megaphone, a sentence from the first person to the last person, and then said has gone completely out of shape, if we also go to spread the privacy of others, in fact, is also acting as a megaphone.

  Therefore, if we want to be a modern civilized people, do not feel free to spread the privacy of others.

  Control your emotions and don't feel free to vent them to others. No one can guarantee that he or she will not encounter any setbacks in his or her life, and it is impossible for anyone to have not encountered any blows in the past years. In the river of life, there is no boat that is not injured. Since everyone will be frustrated in life's journey, large or small, then there is no reason to let those around us become the object of their own venting, because we all have to bear the same weight of life.

  Control their emotions, one is to have the right emotional expression on the right occasion, the second is not to easily bring their negative emotions to the people around them, and not to easily turn others into their own outlet.

  For the first case, the average person can do. For example, if you convey giddy emotions when others are experiencing misfortune, this is obviously not very appropriate.

  The second situation, on the other hand, is relatively much more difficult, especially for elementary and middle school students, and is not an easy task, but we still have to try to learn this. If we do not consciously learn to control our own emotions, and allow all kinds of negative emotions to be exerted on others, it will often bring irreparable harm to others:.

  There was a bad-tempered boy, and on the day he turned 15, his father gave him a bag of nails and said to him, "Whenever you lose your temper, nail a nail to the fence in the backyard." The boy was a little confused, but he still took the bag and did what his father said.

  The first month, the boy nailed a dozen nails every day; by the second month, the number of nails he nailed decreased to less than ten a day. Slowly, the boy nailed fewer and fewer nails, and he found it easier to control his temper than to nail those nails. Finally, one day, the boy would no longer lose his patience and lose his temper. He told his father about it, and he asked him to pull out a nail from now on, whenever he could control his temper. Time passed and finally the boy told his father that he had finally pulled out all the nails.

  The father was so happy that he took him by the hand and went to the fence in the backyard and said to him gently, "You did a good job, my boy. But look at those holes in the fence. These railings can never be restored to the way they were before. The words you said when you were angry are like those nails that leave permanent wounds in each other's hearts. The hurt of words is also as overwhelming as the real hurt.

  In life, the things we say and do on impulse often leave us regretting for a long time. Learn to control your emotions, open a window for others, and allow yourself to see the sky more fully.

  3. Self-assessment

  being short of time every morning, so basically grabbing which piece is which, often wearing one piece of clothing for several days in a row.

  Always barge into my parents' room, because it is in my own home.

  say thank you for the help of others, although the words are not heartfelt.

  If you are not interested in what the other person is talking about, you will think about your own business.

  if you eat in a restaurant, if you don't talk loudly, you can't hear what your friend is saying, so, although you know it's not good, you have no choice but to do it.

  few people will call you, so you always lazily ask the person directly who they are looking for whenever you get a call.

  you take the initiative to interrupt when other people talk endlessly, because you do not want to waste time.

  you like to spread the privacy of others, you think that is one of the great joys of life.

  Whoever makes you angry, you will shout at him regardless.

  Part IV habits of being human

  Chapter 1 Cultivating Good Habits

  A. Do things in an organized manner

  The habit of doing things in an organized manner, in the long run, is to have a plan for life; in terms of details, it is to have a regular daily life and a plan for scheduling; and at the level of self-awareness, it is to self-manage in an organized manner.

  1. Planning for life

  ①Definition and connotation of having a plan for life

  Life design and life planning are now receiving more and more attention. There are not many critical paths in a person's life, and if you take a few key steps, you will have a greater chance of success.

  There was a man who wanted to do business in the future, but when he applied for college, he didn't directly choose a business management major, but chose a mechanical engineering major. Because mechanical engineering is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, understanding the basic procedures of product production makes it easier to grasp the basics of product manufacturing costs and manufacturing cycles. After graduation, he did not rush to start his own company, nor did he go to work for a company, but first went to work as a civil servant in the government department for three years. He didn't open his own company because he didn't have money and lacked the basis for operation; he didn't work for a company to accumulate experience because he thought that the operation of a company could not be separated from dealing with government departments, and going to work for the government as a civil servant could understand some rules of dealing with the government and the characteristics of the operation of government departments, and he could also accumulate some relations with government departments, so that he could start his own business in the future. After three years of working as a civil servant, he felt that he could not afford to work for the government. After three years as a civil servant, he felt that he had nothing more to learn, so he enrolled in a graduate program in business management to learn management knowledge. After graduating from the graduate school, he still did not rush to start his own company, but went to a large enterprise to learn the specific operational skills in business management and understand the common problems in business management. After studying there for five years, he finally decided to start his own company after he had accumulated knowledge in various aspects and also had certain financial strength. After a long period of investigation and accumulation, he decided to open a chain of supermarket sales. As a result, in just two or three years, his company sales reached $300 million, growing rapidly into a very strong enterprise.

  This man's success is perhaps a special case. Every step he took seemed to coalesce with paving and thinking about future goals, and each step was solid and quickly achieved the desired success. In fact, more people start their study life in confusion, and also go with the flow to find or they think fun, or they think more "money" work, in the muddle to mediocrity.

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