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Ten-year-old Lisa is particularly picky about what she wears. One day everyone was dressed in their dresses for a party. Lisa said to her mom, "I want to change into another dress." Dad said, "We don't have time for that." Mom also said, "This dress looks great and doesn't need to be changed." But Lisa insisted that she wanted to change it, or she wouldn't go. Mom said, "Okay, Lisa, you can change at home, but we're leaving." "Why can't you guys wait for me?" "We're out of time, we said we'd be there at eight o'clock sharp, and if we wait any longer, the whole family will go late and we'll lose our credit and be rude to our host." Mom said and opened the car door and got in? Kaoru then drove off with the others? Kaoru left Lisa with her aunt.

  After this experience? Kaoru Lisa understood: you shouldn't be late for an appointment, and you shouldn't break your word when you say you will.

  ④ Treat people sincerely

  Sincerity means truthfulness and sincerity, without any falsehood. In life, we often say that whoever is around is quite hypocritical, meaning that this person is not sincere in treating others. Either they often put on a sincere appearance, but not sincere to treat others, or they say one thing and do another.

  Over time, such a person will slowly be alienated, if there are still people with him, but also can not get the sincere treatment of others. Why? A person who does not treat people with sincerity, who will give sincerity to him? So, even if such a person still has friends, they are only friends who treat him with the same hypocrisy.

  If we give sincerity, we will surely get sincerity in return.

  In life, we should help those who are in need, and every word we say and every deed we do comes from our sincere heart, and this is what we mean by treating people with sincerity. Everything is based on the highest standard of goodness in the heart.

  Some people may say, "Indeed, in life I treat everyone and do everything with my sincere heart. But the frustrating thing is that my sincerity is not reciprocated by the sincerity of others, and repeatedly makes me sad and disappointed. This may be something we all encounter in life, we have to firmly believe that in this society, like us, sincere treatment of people must be the majority of people, and will be more and more. Because sincerity is the most valuable flower of the soul that people have in this society.

  2. Cultivation points

  Since honesty is the foundation of human existence, how should we cultivate it?

  First, be prepared to pay for the integrity.

  Indeed, sometimes it takes courage and dedication to stand up for integrity.

  One author recalled his education on integrity in this way.

  The year the college entrance examination was resumed, we were in our first year. The new class teacher was an old man named Song. He was said to have served as a guard under the Americans before the liberation.

  In the first English class, Mr. Song hung a large alphabet on the blackboard and taught us one by one, and the class discipline was terrible, but he didn't seem to care. At the end of class he told us, "It's not hard to learn English, it's harder to be a good one."

  One day in English class, he gave each of us a blank sheet of paper and asked us to mime the 26 letters of the alphabet in order, and he said he would give a special reward to those students who did well on the test. After 20 minutes, he seemed to wake up and immediately put away the test papers, which were given to only about 50 students. He quickly finished reading all the papers, then clapped his hands and gently announced: "Very good, except for one student who wrote three letters wrong, all the students scored 100. I was glad that so many students were rewarded. But after the reward, I had to warn this student - "Zhang Xiaozhe, please stand up!"

  Mr. Song said to him, "I really can't figure out that the whole class knows such simple letters, but you are the only one who got it wrong.

  Zhang Xiaozhe was silent. All the students stared at him gloatingly.

  "You must answer me!" Mr. Song reversed his benevolent attitude and revealed an almost cruel majesty, "Are you ashamed, or not?"

  "I'm not ashamed." Zhang Xiaozhe said softly.

  "Actually not ashamed, then, on what grounds you, is everyone wrong and you alone are right? Quickly say, what reason?" Mr. Song yelled almost hysterically and stepped closer, with a strange expression on his face.

  We stopped gloating and began to sweat for Zhang Xiaozhe in our hearts.

  "I have a reason, but I'm definitely not telling." Zhang Xiaozhe's eyes filled with tears. "Teacher, if you force me, I will leave the school now." Saying that, he really picked up his school bag.

  There was silence, a short silence. Teacher Song walked over to Zhang Xiaozhe, put his hands on his shoulders, changed his earlier fury and said gently, "Okay, I won't force you anymore, you sit down."

  He retreated to the podium, scanned the class, and said in a serious tone, "As I said on the first day of class, it's not hard to learn English well, but it's even harder to do well as a person. I am not anxious to know your grades, but I am interested in knowing who you are as people, which is why we have this quiz today. Please look up carefully at the alphabet behind me - you think I forgot to take it off. All of you copied it without 'mistake' except for Zhang Xiaozhe. He didn't get 100 points, but he's an honest kid. So, he dared to say he was not ashamed. This kind of courage to keep honesty is very rare, and few students can insist on this point under the pressure of their teachers. Please remember this: it is not the grades that matter, but the character."

  In order to maintain the integrity of being human, we too often need to give our courage, as Zhang Xiaozhe did in the story.

  To maintain integrity, we may need to give a cause other than courage, such as time, energy and money.

  Often, when we initially promise someone something, we don't fully consider the effort it will take to do it. But once the problem comes, we struggle with the idea of having to give time, energy or money, and if we can't give up these payments, our integrity will waver inside. For example, in order to help a classmate with his homework, you must sacrifice two hours of rest time; in order to go to a friend's date, you are likely to lose holiday nights with your family; in order to help a friend find the book he wants, you may have to run around in the hot sun on the street ...... not to keep integrity, you can do whatever you want, and don't have to give up anything. Afterwards, are you secretly happy: not to go is no big deal, there are no consequences, fools to go it. There is an example of this.

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