④Can't do the big things, won't do the small things

  Many elementary and middle school students always think they are too young to do big things and too young to do small things, and that their parents can do the small things.

  For example, many elementary school students think that cooking is a complicated thing that they can't do, and at the same time, they think that small things like washing socks are always done by their mothers, so they don't need to do it. In this way, they become lazy who can't do big things and don't want to do small things, so of course they will become lazy who can't and won't do big and small things.

  2. The harm of too much laziness

  A person is too lazy, then no matter how great his ideal, it is impossible to achieve, because lazy people are very difficult to put the ideal into action. Moreover, if a person develops the habit of laziness, it will bring other problems to his growth that cannot be ignored, and the existence of these problems will make a person's success hindered.

  First of all, laziness tends to make a person's self-care ability low. Think about it, a person who can not even wash socks, how strong will be the ability to survive? How can a person who even has problems surviving face the twists and turns and tribulations that must be endured to succeed?

  Secondly, it is not conducive to the exercise of tenacity to improve mental quality. The first is that we can do everything by ourselves, so that we can cultivate our independent spirit and reduce trustworthiness. 15-year-old Fan Xiaoyan went to college since childhood often heard his mother say: "You do it yourself", three or four years old to wash their own hands Juan, wash their own dishes, and learn to sweep the floor, make up the crib ...... When she went to middle school, she unwrapped and washed quilts, cotton coats and sweaters by herself ...... This "do it yourself" spirit made her develop an independent spirit and exercise her will. When she graduated from college to write her thesis, she ran alone in the countryside of Henan for three months and came up with a thesis of 45,000 words. She said, "Do it yourself" has cultivated my decision-making ability and the swiftness and decisiveness of things.

  Finally, being too lazy is not conducive to cultivating a harmonious relationship with parents. Only those who have worked will understand the hard work of their parents and know that it is not easy for them to raise them. A lazy person is unlikely to appreciate this and will take everything their parents do for them for granted. They will think that they were born to enjoy, parents serve their own should, the slightest dissatisfaction will throw a tantrum. In this way, how can the relationship between parents and children be very harmonious?

  3. Points to overcome

  First, start with household chores that you can do.

  There are different chores that elementary and middle school students can do at different ages, and we can compare them to our own.

  If you are a preschooler, you can try to do the following things in your life: dressing, buttoning and tying your shoes; brushing your teeth and washing your face; learning to set chopsticks and fetch small objects for your parents; learning to wash handkerchiefs, etc.

  If you are a lower grade child, you can try to do the following things on top of the above: put on clothes, tie shoelaces; wash hands, face, feet, fold the quilt, wash handkerchiefs, wash socks; organize books and toys; wipe the table and sweep the floor.

  If you are a middle grade student, you can do more: wash small clothes, clean the house, take out the trash; nail buttons, wrap book covers; help your parents buy, pick and wash groceries.

  If you are an upper elementary school student, you should be able to do all of the following things: decorate your room, sew clothes, wash clothes, brush shoes; use simple tools such as pliers, hammers, shears, axes, shovels; help your family buy rice and noodles and cook simple meals; water, loosen soil, fertilize, etc.; clean the building and yard; actively participate in school organized work.

  If you are a middle school student, you can try to work on a higher level: designing and decorating your room; managing your finances with your parents; learning all the household chores, being able to wash, sew, cook, and do dishes, using household appliances, scrubbing and repairing simple mechanical items such as bicycles.

  Second, don't push things to others when you should do them yourself.

  For example, packing up their own books and toys, sharpening pencils, organizing school bags, and doing duty. For older children such as cleaning up their own house, washing their own clothes and shoes. When you are home alone, you have to take care of your own meals, etc.

  Third, don't be picky about the work we face.

  Many people often pout and pick and choose the jobs that they have to do. Either think this work is too difficult, or think that thing is too simple, and finally become this do not want to do, that do not want to do. If we really want to train ourselves to overcome the habit of laziness, we must not pick and choose in front of the work.

  Fourth, in learning to do, in doing to learn, and strive to do the best in everything.

  No matter what age we are at, for every new thing we do there will be a learning process, it's not like, I'm a middle school student, I naturally must know how to cook. So, at the beginning, we have to face each task with a learning mindset, and only when we learn slowly will we gradually become comfortable with it. In addition, learning by doing means that there are some tasks that we learn from our parents, but it is still necessary to think more about the process of doing the same work, is there an easier way to do the same work than the current method?

  Fifth, we are more capable than we think.

  Many people in the face of a labor task, often before they start doing it, they feel they can not do it, because they have never done it. The truth is that many jobs are not as difficult as we think, because we are more capable than we think.

  Sixth, have the courage to suffer.

  A person will become lazy, mostly because from the mind or the spirit has begun to become lazy, because the spirit of laziness, we become physically lazy people. Therefore, we should have the spirit of courage to suffer and not give any excuse to be lazy.

  In Qingdao, there was a girl named Gan Qi, who learned foreign languages very well. Her English teacher, who was an Englishman, persuaded her to say, "You have a talent for learning, can you study in England? I can give you a guarantee. Of course she was willing to do so, but when she went home to discuss it with her mother, her mother said, "We don't have any money in our family, so if you want to go, you will have to rely on your own scholarship." Her mother was laid off and her father was in poor health, so how could she afford to go? As a result, the child took the exam and got in, and got a scholarship, so she went to England to study. When she was in her third year of high school, the problem came that her scholarship was not enough. At that time, her father had passed away, and her mother was living in a very difficult situation, so she could not ask for any money from her family. She went to work, working several jobs, moving around every day, and going to work after class to earn money for school. When her principal found out about this, he brought her to him and said, "Miss Gan Qi, I know you are very hardworking, and it's too hard for you to go out and work three jobs like this. Gan Qi said, "Principal, I am willing to do it! Tell me, what kind of work?" The principal said, "Paint the toilets, we have several toilets in this school, we need a person to clean them, are you willing?" Ganqi said, "Yes, I will clean them very well!" So, she cleaned the toilets every time she learned. Many of her classmates came from noble families and looked down on this Chinese student for cleaning the toilets, but she was very confident in herself. She said, "I earn money by my labor, I am clean, and I have dignity." As a result, what surprised and had to be admired by her classmates was that when she graduated from high school, Gan Qi was admitted to Cambridge University in England.

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