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The time for work, study and labor should also be regular. When the famous early childhood educator Carl Witte Sr. was teaching his son, he asked him to study for no more than two hours at a time. His son later said.

  Many people feel stressed in their studies because they actually form the misconception, when they are very young, that "study is a serious and serious matter, and it is not connected with pleasure and relaxation."

  When I was a child, while other children were in their rooms trying to work hard, I got a great deal of knowledge from playing, and I called myself a child who had the most time to play and was the most playful. Some people asked my father, "Aren't you worried about your son? He doesn't seem to spend much time on his studies, he just plays all day." My father always replied, "Studying and playing are the same thing for a child, right? What is there to worry about?" That's what happened to me in my childhood, and it's not a half-exaggeration. Of course, on the other hand, I was still sometimes locked up in the study by my father to study, just like many other children, but the study was a relaxing and pleasant place for me, and I would like to stay in it.

  My father had a very unique way of organizing my studies. He always found a way to get me interested and to work hard on my studies automatically. He never made me finish a book or study a certain textbook like other fathers did.

  Once, I was so interested in doing a difficult math problem that I probably got pleasure in solving that problem and thus forgot the time my father had set for me. "Carl, you should go out and have some fun, it's time." My father urged me when he saw that the allotted time had passed for a long time, but I hadn't come out yet. "Dad, I haven't made it out yet." I said. "It's easier to do it well after a break, so put it aside for now." Father said. "I want to finish it first before I rest, it's a harder problem." I said. "I believe you can do it, but by the time you do it, you may already be very tired, so your next study effect is affected, it is better to rest for a while." "I'm on a roll, I'm not tired at all." My father said, "I can see that, but if you don't take a break now and go for a walk outside, your excitement will soon disappear."

  After hearing my father's words, I stopped and went for a walk outside with him. While walking, my father said to me, "Carl, this truth you must understand, even greater interest, if not properly cultivated, sooner or later will disappear; the same, even greater enthusiasm, if not properly controlled, will soon lose interest. So that any interest should be cultivated, any enthusiasm should be controlled."

  Also adhere to a regular exercise fitness. One such example.

  Yang Zi was in the bottom few of his grade in sports in the third grade, and by the fifth grade he had joined the ranks of the best students in sports. Everyone was amazed at how he was able to make such a transformation. He was in extremely poor physical condition when he entered school, a moderately obese and overweight student, and he was resigned to it. In order to get rid of this situation, at school, he ran and exercised with the school track and field team; at home, he asked his mom and dad to urge him to run and exercise every morning or evening. Day after day, he never stopped. After a long period of hard training, he gradually jumped out of the ranks of the fat dun, and won a better ranking in the school games and the cross-country race around the lake, so that his classmates and teachers were impressed by him.

  In order to enhance physical fitness, many people once envisioned to exercise well. However, the exercise habit of "three days to fish, two days to sunbathe" makes many people have abandoned their exercise plans. As a result, not only did not get a fundamental change in physical fitness, but also developed a bad habit of procrastination, talk does not count. To get a good exercise effect, we must persist in the long term and develop the good habit of exercising every day.

  ②Cultivate the goal

  To develop the habit of working and resting according to the plan, to ensure their dietary hygiene, physical activity hygiene, to ensure their daily study, work and rest time.

  To develop the habit of not doing one thing for a long time, including the things you are doing with great interest and control.

  One day, young Karl Witte was doing his homework in his study. A good friend of his father, Mr. Hedrich Cohen, who was an educator, came in. He mainly wanted to find out about Karl Witte and see if he was a child prodigy. He thought that Karl Witte must have studied hard since he had mastered so much knowledge.

  Because Cohen knew that some of his pretty good students studied for up to six to eight hours a day, and that no child under the sun could succeed without hard work.

  But Carl's father said that Carl studied for only two hours a day, and no more than three hours at most. Cohen found it hard to believe that a person who studied no more than three hours a day could learn history, geography, plants, and mathematics in such depth, and know six different languages. It just so happened that Carl's study was up to time and Mr. Cohen asked him directly if this was true.

  Carl said, "Usually two hours, today a little more, three hours."

  Mr. Cohen asked, "Can't you keep studying a little longer?

  Carl said, "I could have studied a little longer, but my father wouldn't allow it."

  Mr. Cohen turned to look at his father and asked, "It's good that the boy is willing to work a little longer. Why don't you allow it?"

  The father said, "Two hours of study is enough for a child of Carl's age. There are more things out there for him to learn. It's good that he likes to read and study, but he doesn't need to spend all day in the study."

  Mr. Cohen looked at his father in amazement and said, "I can't believe it, I can't believe it."

  But isn't it really too little for a child to study for only two hours a day?

  The father thinks that two hours is a limit for a young child, and a child's energy can only concentrate for two hours at most, so more than two hours is just a waste of time.

  It is also necessary to develop good exercise habits. The brain is the machine of learning, the machine is good, the learning efficiency will be high. To keep a clear head, it is essential to have proper physical exercise every day. Some people may say that we have no time to exercise when our daily study is so intense. In fact, studying and exercising are not contradictory. The brain cells that manage physical activity are excited, and the brain cells that manage thinking are rested, which helps to eliminate brain fatigue. The way of literature and martial arts, a relaxation, physical activity is actually an active rest.

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