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There was a businessman who once asked his child to jump from a high place, indicating that he could catch the child with his hands. But when the child really jumped, he dodged away. The child who was hurt by the fall cried and blamed the father, and the businessman said to the child in a serious way, I did this to let you know that in many times and situations, others can not be relied on, even those closest to you. Because there are many things in the world that others want to help but can not help, and can not help you, you can only rely on yourself, do not rely on others. To survive, rely on their own struggle, rely on their own fight; to achieve their life aspirations, or first rely on themselves.

  In real life, we seem to have gotten used to having our parents as our nannies in life; in learning, we have also gotten used to having them as our crutches, letting them read with us and help us with our homework, with the end result that we are at our wits' end and even have trouble walking without them.

  A 15-year-old middle school student said, "At home, my grandparents and mom and dad do everything for me, and I've never washed a pair of socks or swept the floor at home since I was so old. Sometimes, my father also said that I should do more housework, but I was too lazy to do it. Plus they are always accommodating to me, and they won't let me do it when I'm cheating." In fact, this situation in the current secondary school students have a certain degree of universality.

  Jiang Kun, a famous comedian, had a very difficult family when he was a child, so he wanted to do something self-reliant to ease the burden on his family. He found that some children in the hutong often pick watermelon seeds in the summer, a pickle is a large jar, in the winter to sell on the street, and can sell dozens of dollars, he was envious. So, Jiang Kun did not say to his parents, also ran to the watermelon stall to pick melon seeds. When Mom and Dad found, he had picked up a porcelain pot full of it. Mom saw it and laughed at his understanding.

  Nowadays, in most families, many children can't think of taking the initiative to do what they can to help their tired parents. Where is the joy of family life reflected?

  Only a responsible person can be a facilitator of social development.

  Qian Sanqiang, a famous nuclear physicist in China, was 15 years old when, during his studies at the Kongde School in Beiping, he happened to read "The Founding Strategy" by Sun Yat-sen, in which the future of China was depicted in a very inspiring way: several major railroad lines centered on Lanzhou, large ports in the north, east and south, etc. He felt as if he had been a part of the Chinese society. Reading this, he felt as if he had stepped out of a dark cul-de-sac and seen the light. "However, when he closed the book and thought about it, how long and big a gap there was to be filled in the period from backwardness to wealth and power, from darkness to light! I dimly felt a responsibility to respond to Mr. Sun's advocacy. There was no other way to free the country from humiliation and to make it rich and strong than to establish strong industry and develop advanced science and technology." In the summer of 1948, Qian Sanqiang, who had studied abroad, returned to China and made great contributions to the development of China's nuclear industry.

  ②Reflect often

  We always progress in learning, and this learning is both book knowledge and the accumulation of our own experience in each of our lives. We call the former kind of knowledge indirect experience and the latter direct experience. The acquisition of each indirect experience is the summary and reflection of the direct experience of the previous people in their practice.

  Each individual will encounter various people and unexpected events in life, and these people and events will definitely bring many frustrations, which are the lessons we must experience in life, but not everyone can learn experience from lessons. Some people only have life lessons, but no life experience, such a life is often a failure.

  From lessons to experience, there is a conversion process in between, that is, summing up and reflection.

  Summarization is often to organize the methods and ideas that promote success and progress in life and learning, forming a proven theory to follow next time; while reflection is mostly a timely reflection after we encounter setbacks or failures in life, so as to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

  ③Face mistakes correctly and take responsibility

  People will inevitably make mistakes, but they can use their subjective initiative to recognize and correct their mistakes. Some people do not repent of their mistakes and are afraid of making a fool of themselves, often falling on the road of life for this reason.

  The growth of people is a process of constantly making mistakes. Mistakes are the right of the growing child, without the lessons brought by mistakes again and again, we will not have those growing experience. But the prerequisite is to have the habit of correcting mistakes as soon as they are known. There is no power in just admitting, for some mistakes cause bad consequences to find a way to make up for them, to change. In other words, for mistakes can not just stay at the level of words, the key is still to be reflected in action:.

  The defeat of the Northern Army at the beginning of the American Civil War brought great troubles to Abraham Lincoln.

  On this day, a convalescent regimental commander pleaded directly to the president for leave of absence because his wife was shipwrecked and her life was in danger.

  Upon hearing this, Lincoln sternly rebuked him.

  "Don't you know what time it is? War! Suffering and death oppress us; family affection would quicken in times of peace, but now it has no room for it!"

  The regimental commander went back to the hotel disappointed, and rested helplessly.

  The next morning, before dawn, there was a sudden knock at the door of the room, and when the chief looked, it was the President himself.

  Lincoln shook the chief's hand and said.

  "My dear chief, I was too rude last night. It is not right to do that to those who dedicate themselves to their country, especially those who are in trouble. I was remorseful all night and could not sleep, but now I ask your forgiveness."

  Lincoln took a leave of absence from the War Department on his behalf and personally drove that chief to the dock in his car.

  ④ The sense of responsibility to serve others and society

  People cannot exist independently of society and must depend on many people. For example, for every step we take, there are countless people serving us, countless road builders, road maintenance workers, cleaners, drivers, traffic police and so on. Not to mention the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the work and entertainment we do.

  Lei Feng said that the value of a person should look at what he contributes, not what he asks for. Each of us is constantly asking for something from society, but have we ever asked ourselves: what should I contribute? What should I do for others?

  In real life, there are indeed many people who have been a numb centrist all their lives, they may insist that they do not harm others, do not damage the interests of others, but they have never thought of doing something for others, there is no sense of serving others and society, they keep asking and never pay, then their existence is a kind of harm to society and others, because they are parasitic on others He is a parasite on the contributions of others. Such a person, of course, cannot go to heaven.

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