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  I know a child who is very aggressive, naughty, and feisty. I sometimes tease him and say, "I'll make a bet with you, you sit there, I'll count a hundred times, you must move, you must not be able to hold on. He, quite strong, insisted on sitting still.

  Children are sometimes guided in a direction through the game, through his strength. For a very young child to do so, second grade children are already older, for older children, there is also a way to guide. You give him an image of education by way of example, by those who are disciplined and demanding as an example.

  The so-called state of the child's self-directed learning and self-directed living does not mean that we parents do not educate, but rather carry out a more important, more artistic and seemingly more difficult kind of education. This kind of education requires parents to really enter the mind of their children, to really understand the psychology and characteristics of their children to do it according to the situation.

  In the child's studies, it is necessary to cultivate his interest and motivation for upward mobility. In morality, to cultivate his motivation for upward mobility. In life, to develop his interest and motivation to arrange his own kind of ability.

  If a person has been learning and doing things all the time in his life, doing them beautifully and successfully; and the whole process is a kind of conscious creation, voluntary creation, with that kind of positivity, enthusiasm, fun, interest, hobby in it, you engage in a profession, you love this work, you do it successfully, and do not feel bitter, very happy, because there is a kind of interest in it, this is called self-reliance. If a person seems to be very successful, but he does not do very happy, not very consciously, just to make a living, it is very uncomfortable.

  Raising children from an early age to learn voluntarily, consciously, naturally, and freely is the best education that will enable them to work and create voluntarily, consciously, and naturally in the future, and to enter a life of self-control. With this foundation, we are truly thinking about our children's future, truly doing our duty as parents, and bringing true happiness to our children's future.

  Therefore, we should guide our children to develop their interests and enthusiasm for upward mobility, including the positive and upward spirits in behavior, norms, morals, and abilities, and to create a voluntary, conscious, and natural state.

  These are two particularly important duties of parents.

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