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 We all definitely have different opinions about what we wear. But I think a child should be dressing for herself and not for her mother by the time she is your age.

  How awkward it is to have to dress in a way that you (the mother) are comfortable with and she is uncomfortable with herself and then with her classmates! Now you ask your mother to wear your clothes for a week, your favorite clothes for your mother to wear for a week, you see if she is comfortable? If she is not comfortable you say she has no vision.

  In addition, your mother is trying to make you better than others in all aspects, better than others, so she always compare your shortcomings with the strengths of others, is that right? This is not okay.

  Then you go home and compare your mother with others. You can compare your mother's shortcomings with other people's strengths to see if she is comfortable?

  Child: Actually, I always compare at home.

  Author: This is the rebellious mentality. In addition, parents are very anxious about your study, do you think this anxiousness is necessary?

  Child: a little. When I was a kid, I was the type of person you just mentioned, I didn't study too hard, but my grades were okay. Now I'm in middle school and I'm in the 24th percentile of the midterm exams, so I'm obviously down. I think I can find the reason myself. I myself always watch TV, while writing homework while watching TV.

  Author: This reason is very good to solve.

  Child: Yes.

  Author: The child just spoke very well, and affirmed the mother's speech where it made sense. For example, she thinks that your (mother's) anxiety is justified. Not that it makes sense yet, but that it makes some sense. The reason she concluded is watching TV, and she thinks she can solve it, so the problem is solved? There's no reason too complicated! What's the hurry? There is nothing to worry about.

  Parent: I just think she can't control herself all the time.

  Author (to child): Do you think you can control yourself?

  Child: Yes, I think so.

  Author: Can you? How about a little more determination?

  Child: Yes!

  Author: Yes. Mom is worried about your future, do you understand how she feels?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: She says you don't understand, so tell mom that I do. Let's just applaud for the child. (Parents applaud.) This kid is great. The analysis, examples, and elaboration of things are particularly clear and well-defined, and what is there is what is there. (To the parents) So there are some issues that you should be good at talking to your child about in a realistic way. And it's unreasonable to accuse a child of wearing the kind of clothing she wears, and it's unreasonable to accuse a junior girl of wearing the kind of clothing she wears. How do you know people don't have an eye for it? They might even think you have no vision! Leave this alone.

  Just give the child a standard of consumption, she should not dress too extravagantly. You give an appropriate standard of consumption, let her own choice, she will not necessarily choose the most expensive well.

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