The beginning of a great symphony-Woodmam


  My parents gave me three things from a young age: an interest in learning, an upwardly mobile motivation, and a third confidence as a boy. This is what my parents gave me from a young age, before I was of school age.

  So, I have to ask: Parents, have you ever paid attention to the development of motivation, interest in learning, and self-confidence in your children's homeschooling? This is precisely the most important issue.

  Before the publication of "Emotional Intelligence", the editor had to read the manuscript, and when he read the manuscript, the concept changed, such as "confidence, positivity, smile, optimism", such as redesigning their own expressions, redesigning their own clothing, and so on.

  Another example is that before the publication of "Chinese Children's Success Method", an artist was hired to paint the book. This painter learned something while painting.

  This painter loved his daughter very much, but when he did not find the right way to teach her at home, his whole love for her was reflected in nagging and counting. He wanted his daughter to study well, to work hard, to move up, the love of parents. The effect is not good. However, this painter suddenly learned a little something when he was painting for this book, and he immediately began to apply it.

  He said, "I think it is very important to be a parent, must be good at finding that little hint of appreciation for the child." He said, "I go to bed late and get up late, my child is early to bed and get up early, we two often can not communicate, so often at night when I go to bed, leave a note on the table to my daughter. The next day my daughter left early for school. She might leave a message for me on the note. That day, I saw my daughter write a sentence on a piece of paper saying she had written a piece of music for me to read."

  His daughter, who loved music and had learned to compose in her spare time, made a beginning. To say that that beginning was rather childish, but after this painter had learned the right way to teach his family, he wrote on the piece his daughter had composed that day, "Daddy was very happy when he read the piece you wrote; it was the beginning of a great symphony." He told me, "In the past, I would have said, "Look what you've written, it's awful! It's so immature! But that's what I wrote today." His daughter fell asleep early, and he left these words behind and went to sleep. When he got up late the next morning, his daughter had already left for school. Under the words he left, he wrote many, many words, saying, "Daddy, did you really like the tune I wrote? You're such a good dad."

  Just because this child wrote a piece of music and her dad appreciated her and supported her, she was so moved that she left a big message to show her appreciation to her father. When a child walks into school with that kind of feeling, it goes without saying that she will be in great shape too. Feeling smart, feeling like she can do well in her classroom work and still get good at music. That must be it! What if Dad had written another sentence saying, "What do you call that thing you wrote? Not doing your job! You study hard!" What state would you say the child is in? ──To be a smart parent.

  Therefore, parents need to get out of the current misunderstanding of homeschooling and establish new ideas; the 20 rules of homeschooling (see the next part of this book) are something that any parent will use once they learn them; they will feel good once they do them.

  It is not difficult to be a good parent when you have the right approach.

  A smart parent, a successful parent, a happy parent, a parent who connects with their child, shows up in two ways: their child is successful and they are more successful than they used to be.

  We all know that parents are in a better state when their children are successful, happy and understanding of their parents. The parents of the last girl to speak at the Future Strong camp said that their whole family had come out of the darkness because their child had gotten better! No longer have low self-esteem, their academic performance has improved, and they are happy as parents.

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