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  Author: This parent just asked a question about how to develop attention span in a three-year-old toddler. I think this problem exists in children of how old they are, right? As we have said before, there are five main types of motivation in learning ability. The first type of motivation is upward motivation, the second type of motivation is interest motivation, the third type of motivation is self-confidence motivation, the fourth type is attention, and the fifth type is will quality. These five types of motivation are the life of the learning ability, and the others, memory, thinking, judgment, logic, reading, and expression, are developed under the pull of these five types of motivation.

  Attention, which you mentioned earlier, is one of these five positive qualities and is very important. When it comes to developing attention, there are definitely basic rules, and there is also the issue of adapting to local conditions. Let's start with the general principles.

  First of all, you have to believe in the fact that any child who has a time of inattention will always have a time of concentration. He will always concentrate at certain times, on certain hobbies.

  Parent: He's more focused on learning a foreign language.

  Author: Yes, he is very focused when he is learning a foreign language, how can you make his focus expand from foreign language focus? You should repeatedly appreciate and praise his concentration in learning a foreign language, and you should talk about it with the people around you, so that the adults around you will have the impression that your child has a special concentration in learning a foreign language, so that he will think that this quality of concentration is a good quality that will be praised and affirmed throughout his life, and then gradually expand it to other areas. The analysis we have just done tells you that a child will not be inattentive to everything, you will praise him and expand him in one area of concentration, that's all. Understand?

  What is the second method? When he's not paying attention elsewhere, you interrupt his unfocused habits a little bit, sometimes one sentence is enough. When he's doing something else now and he's not paying attention, you say ...... Hey, what's his name?

  Parent: Qi Po Lin.

  Author: You just say, "Qi Po Lin, you need to focus like you're learning a foreign language and you'll be great!" That one has an effect on him and interrupts his lack of concentration. To expand on his tendency to concentrate, to interrupt his logic a little bit for the inattentiveness, to change his thinking habits. Okay?

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