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  When this parent asks, what happens when he has no patience? At this point, the conversation we just had went beyond the specific question he asked. I didn't ask him about things within the specific question of patience or lack of patience. I asked him about his child's learning, whether there was any change in his child's learning, and what was the reason for the change in his child's learning. The result? We then discovered a fact beyond the question he asked.

  What was it? It was because he had participated in a tutoring activity held by us in the previous period, and his attitude as a parent had changed a little. This change led to a little change in the child's learning, from below average to above average.

  First of all, let's make the first conclusion: we have to recognize, appreciate and encourage this parent's efforts; and we have to be sure that if we change our attitude, our child will change, right? It's so simple! If your attitude changes, she will learn better! So now first of all, you have to study how to treat your child better, so that your child can learn more.

  The second thing is, I don't know if you, as a parent, have ever given any special praise to your child for this change in learning? If you haven't, I want you to do this today, you have to tell her what your academic performance and learning level was like a month or two ago, and what her level is now, she has changed a lot. This change you have to describe especially clearly and tell your child, okay? You have to know that not to say that there has been such a significant change, such a significant change from below average to an above average, even a little change from yesterday to today, should be appreciated and affirmed. This work is more important than the lessons you give to your child.

  Think about it, a girl, if her father has an appreciation for her, has an encouragement, how much support for her, it is unimaginable to you. So I want you to go back and do this job brilliantly and beautifully. And not just praise once, but say it again and again: Look how this achievement, that achievement, this month or so, now how the achievement, what a great! What a great progress! And not only to the child, but also to the child's mother, home guests, but also to guests, so that she formed a sense of pride, pride, excitement. Is that okay?

  This way, the child will also be more energetic, will learn better, and will make more progress. Won't you be more patient?

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