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  Parent: My child is seven years old and is in first grade. His grades were fine last semester but not so good next semester. I sometimes give him targeted homework, such as writing vocabulary in addition to the homework set by the teacher, but he can't sit still at all, and the results are not good.

  Author: What you are doing is exactly the method of forcible shaping that I just mentioned. We do have a problem of guidance and interest in children's learning, which is how you can make children love learning.

  Many children go to school, the first time they study, the first assignment, if they do a good job, the teacher praised him, praised him, he will have the motivation and love of learning. This hobby develops further, and the teacher praises him again, and it develops again, getting better and better.

  However, if he is criticized the first time, he will be frustrated, motivation is not easily high, the teacher then criticizes him, the effect will be even worse. Often the virtuous circle is getting better and better, and the vicious circle is getting worse and worse. Therefore, for the child is currently weak in the area, do not let him enter the vicious circle. Do not make him unmotivated because he is not good in a certain area and his teacher criticizes him, and you also blame and control him. Be sure to change and discontinue this vicious cycle.

  How exactly do you do that? There has to be a measure that goes beyond the straightforward and stupid approach. It is how to make a change in the child's perception, attitude to learning and motivation in this area. For example, if he does his homework on a certain day, you can make him do it voluntarily and make a little progress. For this little progress you have to treat him with appreciation, praise and encouragement in time.

  In addition, you have to find a role model, what kind of role model? You have to figure it out. If he is now a second grade student, can you find a student younger than him to ask for advice? This is also a method. In short, there are many ways, the word is difficult to write, you know he will write, you pretend not to write, say how to write this word you can not remember, let him remind you, after writing, you are happy to praise him. You have to use all kinds of opportunities to make the child make a performance, this performance makes you can implement the appreciation and praise to him, this can be the child's motivation little by little mobilization.

  Think a little. According to your current state, every day the child is hoarded there, forcing him to write, will only get worse, to be good at designing some lively methods. Even we adults are often engaged in prize competitions, prize quizzes, right? Adults do not give prizes still do not answer it! The most important reward for the child is to appreciate him, to praise him.

  Specific programs to be designed by parents to solve.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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