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  When it comes to learning issues, just talk freely. You have a center within you to understand her about this issue, but then you don't ask every question, why exactly are you floating? She can't answer. You then ask, "Think about what's floating around again?

  It doesn't have to be this way. You have to talk to your child about learning, about her mood, about her own experiences and experiences. Eventually let her find out for herself why she is restless in her studies. This is because there may be other factors that are distracting the child from her studies.

  In addition, this girl is 16 years old and may have reached puberty. Her psychological and physical situation should be understood. Parents can think about their own developmental stage, boys and girls of this age, will have a pubertal reaction.

  Parent: The child's academic performance is okay, but she herself feels that she is not trying.

  Author: Like your child, you can say that she still has a lot of potential, but she is not a hard learner, and then she doesn't do well in school. So you talk to her, first, to get her to find the reason why she can't learn. Second, through some kind of conversation to make her feel that she has the desire to work hard.

  Parent: She is more afraid of hardship.

  Author: In this case you have to address it in this way. She is doing the problems, she doesn't like to do it, you have to tell her that the problems are in front of you, and you can't not do them as a middle school student. So what's the best way to do it?

  The best way is at least this, you find a way to do these problems well and fast. That way, you are likely to buy yourself more time. And when you do it well and fast, you will slowly find that you love doing it more.

  When she does better and faster, you have to praise her for being able to do the problems because she is older and can say quite frankly, not coaxingly, that you are doing better and faster and have improved your ability to do the problems, which will naturally increase your interest in doing them.

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