You can afford to win, you can afford to lose-Woodmam


 Nowadays, many mothers and fathers only care about their children's marks, and as soon as they walk in the door, they ask, "How many marks did you get on the test?" If the test is bad, their face will be long, but if the test is good, they will smile. In fact, this is a reflection of the fact that we as parents are not mature enough and do not have the right attitude towards our children's learning and growth.

  Once, when talking about quality education with Comrade Liu Bin, the State Inspector General, he said, "Marks can measure the extent to which a person has mastered knowledge, but they cannot be used as a criterion for the overall evaluation of a person's quality."

  In fact, marks and success are not the same thing at all; marks do not equal success.

  This reminds me of the story of Guo Moruo. On the wall of Guo Moruo's former residence, Guo Moruo's report card as a child was posted, in which he failed in his cultivation (character) class and language class, but this did not affect his later success. Although he failed in his moral training class as a child, he became a great politician and won the Stalin Peace Prize after his own training; he failed in his language class as a child, but became a master of literature after his own efforts. So, children are still young and their future should not be seen as undeveloped just because of one or two bad grades.

  Moreover, parents themselves must understand that marks are not the only criteria for their children's growth and should not put too much emphasis on them.

  When children encounter failures, what they need more than anything else is the care and help of their parents. Parents should let their children get over the shock of failure as soon as possible and create the next opportunity for them to succeed.

  I remember once, when the China Youth Daily organised a TV competition on "Learning to behave in primary school", a very strong boy from the 9th Primary School in Wuhan Steel Factory was unsuccessful in the preliminaries. He came to me in tears in the evening, saying that he had wanted to win the championship, but there was no hope for him this time ...... I did not receive him at that time, and told him to come back to me when he had stopped crying.

  The next day, he came to me smiling and said, 'I've figured it out! Last night my father said to me: 'People fail much more in their lives than they succeed. I experimented and failed hundreds of times before I succeeded once. So one has to win as well as lose.'" I picked him up with joy! Later, the assembly gave him a "special award" for his performance.

  Mr Lao She said that family education is the education of life. This child's father was using his own life experiences to tell his child the truth about being a human being, and he was a father who could help his child to succeed.

  In order for children to deal with success and failure properly, we as parents must be able to "win and lose".

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