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 Goals are very important in a person's life. As Gorky said, "He who does not know what to do tomorrow is very unfortunate."

  Two years ago, I went to visit Mount Huangshan with some friends. The most dangerous and wondrous of the three main peaks of Mount Huangshan is Tiandu Peak.

  At an altitude of 1,840 metres, Tiandu Peak rises up to the sky, with about 1,500 metres of rocky climbing steps and a slope of over 70 degrees.

  Before going up, I asked many of my friends, "Are you prepared to go up Tiandu Peak?" Some said, "Let's give it a try!" Some replied, "We'll see!" Only seven of my friends said they would definitely climb Tiandu Peak, and one of them was an old comrade who was over 100 years old. In the end, out of the 80 people who went along, only these seven made it to Tiandu Peak. Among them was me.

  As I climbed up the mountain, I was indeed very tired, but I kept thinking to myself, "I must climb Tiandu Peak." When I stood at the top of the mountain and looked around, I was excited to experience the feeling of "being at the top of the mountain and seeing all the mountains".

  I was inspired by this ascent of Mount Huangshan: life is like climbing a mountain, if you have a goal, you are likely to succeed.

  A few years later, it was found that most of the students who had ideals and goals achieved excellent results, while those who did not had mediocre results. These show how important aspirations and goals are in life. Without a goal in life, a person is like a boat without a rudder, forever drifting and going with the flow, only to end up drifting to the beach of disappointment and failure.

  So, how should a person set goals? Goals contain big goals as well as small ones. First, set a big goal for yourself, then set a smaller goal, and finally take one step at a time to achieve it.

  Some students, once they have a rest day, don't know what to do, touch this for a while, get some of that for a while ...... Time passes in vain, learning is not accomplished, playing is not played, this is because there is no goal. The best way to solve this problem is to write out your goals, list them in order of priority, and then do everything you can to do each one. For each one you do, you put a big tick in red pen, so that your big goal is sure to be achieved eventually. If you want to get something done, set a 'countdown' schedule, complete each stage on time and stick to it, and you'll get it done.

  Get started now! Set yourself a goal and start doing it now!

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