Three words of civility and courtesy-Woodmam


A good day starts with a kind and warm greeting - a hello. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to say "Good morning!" to your grandparents, parents and family. This kind greeting conveys your respect and love for your elders and creates a warm family atmosphere. When you arrive at school and meet your teachers and classmates, say "Hello, teacher!" with a smile on your face. "Hello, student xxx!" In this simple and natural greeting, you are unknowingly shaping a good image of yourself in the minds of others and cultivating friendship between you and them.

  Apologise by saying, "I'm sorry!" "Please forgive me!"

  There are no mistakes in the world that people do not make. When you make a mistake, you should know how to apologise. To apologise to someone is to admit that something you said or did was wrong, and to convey your guilt to the other person and ask for forgiveness.

  If you have disturbed someone, caused them inconvenience or done something wrong, if you say "I'm sorry!" in time "Please forgive!" will repair the damage done to your image.

  If you can't go to a meeting you've arranged in advance, tell the other person in advance, "I'm sorry, I can't make it."

  When someone asks you to do something and you have to decline for some reason, say, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that."

  To thank someone, say, "Thank you!" "I'm sorry to have troubled you!"

  Whenever someone gives you a little convenience or care, even if it is within their responsibility to do so, you should say, "Thank you!" "I'm sorry for the trouble!"

  When you say "thank you", you should say it sincerely, naturally and solemnly, with your eyes looking into the other person's eyes with gratitude.

  If you are asking for a favour, it is best to say, "Can you do me a favour?" If the person shows a difficult face, you should say, "If you find it difficult, I won't bother you!"

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