Three things to do with civilised behaviour-Woodmam


There are many aspects of civilised behaviour, so let's start with three things!

  The first thing: care for the environment, you throw and I pick up.

  A beautiful environment is created by people, and it depends on people to protect it.

  There is a cultural square in Mianyang, a national civilised city in Sichuan Province. The "public welfare billboard" erected on the square's green lawn reads: "Everyone is responsible for caring for the lawn"; "It's the same as life. "; "Give me a little love, give you a touch of green" ...... There is no "strictly forbidden" scolding here, no "fine" warning, only There are no warnings of "fines", only the guidance of civilized behavior and the call for social ethics.

 The second thing: obey the order, you squeeze, I give way

  All civilised people know the simple truth that "order must be observed in public places". You have to queue to buy things, get into a car, visit an exhibition or enter a cinema. It is extremely uncivilised and impolite to queue up.

  There are some people who are not civilised and who crowd in public places. What should be done about such people? I advocate not only stopping them, but also "letting them go", using "courtesy" against "impoliteness". "Letting go" is not a weakness, "let go" is not only a kind of grace, but also a kind of wordless education and criticism.

 The third thing: treat people with humility, so that you can learn from me

  Humility is a human virtue. It is often necessary to be humble when interacting with people in collective life.

  In order to be humble, one must have a proper understanding of the relationship between oneself and others, between the individual and the collective.

  Every time you go to the sea or climb a mountain, you will feel a sense of refreshment and a sense of expansiveness. The sea and the mountains make you realise how small your place in the world is, and that the world is so vast that you don't need to be calculating with others.

  In life, if you can be humble, you can also feel that the sky is wide and that everyone around you has something to learn from you.

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