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You may have heard the story of Helen Keller, an American author who grew up deaf and blind and who people found hard to believe could survive without relying on others. Yet, she impressed the world with her remarkable perseverance, making herself an outstanding educator and writer for people with disabilities.

  One day, two "Helen Keller's" came to my home, but they were not the brave American girl, but two remarkable Chinese girls. One was Zhou Tingting, who was deaf. The other is Wang Zheng, who is visually impaired.

  By chance, they met, got close, got to know each other and formed the "Are you in trouble? I'm here to help you", the "Helen Keller United Fleet".

  One was a silent world, the other a lightless world, but no one expected that the two incomplete worlds would unite to create a spark of life that was so dazzling and so beautiful.

  Zhou Tingting could not hear and see clearly, she was not sad that she was deaf, but proud of her eyesight, she became Wang Zheng's eyes; Wang Zheng could not see and hear clearly, she was not sad that she was visually impaired, but proud of her ears, she became Tingting's ears.

  And so, you see for me, I hear for you, and the Helen Keller Combined Fleet sails away! Their story was made into a film called 'Can't Live Without You'. In the film, they played themselves and it was a great success.

  Their success shows the power of collaboration!

  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and it is impossible to be perfect. If everyone can take advantage of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, they will be much more powerful than a complete person.

  Cooperation is the trend of the world's development; cooperation will create the miracle of life!

  I believe that the "Helen Keller Fleet" will be able to withstand the storms of fate and move forward at full speed on the course of life.

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