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 You must know the name of Gorky, a great Soviet literary figure who wrote many excellent works in his life.

  Once, Gorky fell ill and went to an isolated island to recuperate from his illness. His son came to see him and, on his way out, scattered many flower seeds around the house where his father lived. When spring came, the flowers opened and Gorky recovered from his illness. He was so excited that he wrote a letter to his son in which he said.

  You are gone, but the flowers you planted are opening up. I looked at them and thought to myself: My good son has left one beautiful thing on the island - flowers. How pleasant your life would have been if you had left people, no matter when or where you were, with something beautiful, a very fond memory of you!

  This letter from Gorky tells us the truth: those who sow love and spread it are most pleasant and most welcome.

  You may ask: I would also like to be a pleasant and popular person, how can I sow love and how can I spread it?

  There are so many things you can do!

  For example, if you see someone in trouble, go up to them and ask, "Are you in trouble? Let me help you!" When you do this, others will feel the warmth, and people will feel this way because you have planted love in their hearts.

  Never forget that when someone helps you, you must smile and say, "Thank you!" The other person will feel the joy of helping others from your smile and thanks.

  Today your dad is coming back from a business trip and you left a note before you went to school: "Dad, you've worked hard, welcome home!" Dad will be happy to see the note you left when he comes home because he feels the love of his child in your note.

  Caring for people around you and helping those in need is sowing love and spreading love, which is the most basic kind of love that everyone should have. Among all the emotions of love, the most sacred and noble love is the love for the motherland.

  Sow love, spread love! It will make you happy, and it will make those around you happy and joyful.

  Do you want to reap in autumn? Then sow your seeds in spring!

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