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I was first inspired by a gentleman in Shanghai who studied mnemonics when I summarised the "Three Words for a Happy Life" method of education.

  He told me the story of how he and his son were transformed by the three words "too good".

  He told me that he and his wife used to quarrel because of their son's poor studies. Every time their son did badly in a test, the couple would blame each other and reprimand him for being "stupid". The gentleman thought, "There's no use getting upset, so let's try a different approach. He took his son's exam paper, smiled and said, "That's great, son! This time you don't have any more burdens!"

  The son was taken aback and asked, "Dad, are you sick?" The gentleman said, "No, I'm not sick. You don't have to worry about others overtaking you anymore, you are making progress by running ahead!"

  His son was inspired and thought, "Yes, in the fairy tale "The Tortoise and the Hare", the tortoise even ran first! So, he was happy and relaxed. In his second exam, he came 19th in the class.

  His father took the exam paper and said excitedly, "That's great, son! That's more than ten places ahead of the last time!" My son was also happy to hear this.

  The third time, my son came fifth in the class and my dad said excitedly, "That's great! Son, you're amazing! You're just four people away from first place!"

  "After that, my son was always top of the class!" There was a kind of satisfied smile on his face as he spoke.

  His story made perfect sense. I think that children today need this mentality and should learn from an early age to face life with optimism and poise, so that they will certainly have a happy life in the future.

  Why do the three words "great" spoken by mothers and fathers have such a magical effect on children? Because these three words express the parents' great trust in their children and inspire them to face reality and overcome difficulties on their own, thus motivating them and stimulating their potential. This is called "accepting reality before changing it". A person with this mentality and way of thinking will not be defeated by any difficulties or setbacks in his life, he will always find a way to get up and start again, and will always find a way to solve the various problems he encounters.

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