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Imagination is more important than knowledge.

  Each of us has an amazing brain with two hemispheres: the left brain deals mainly with language, logic, mathematics and order, the so-called academic activities; the right brain deals mainly with rhythm, melody, music, images and fantasy, the so-called creative activities.

  Today, mankind attaches great importance to the development of the right brain, and the development of the right brain and creativity is mainly through the use of imagination.

  "Imagination is more important than knowledge." This is a famous assertion by the scientist Albert Einstein. He also said that because knowledge is limited, imagination encapsulates everything in the world, drives the world forward and is the source of the evolution of knowledge. In the history of the development of natural science in the 20th century, almost no one can match the achievements of Einstein, who occupies an epoch-making place in the history of science.

  Who knew, however, that this dishevelled, unkempt Jewish man was often denounced as "mentally retarded" in primary and secondary school, and was even predicted to be "unsuccessful" in the future?

  Looking back on his childhood, Einstein spoke many times of the sense of wonder he experienced. He said, "The development of the world of thought is, in a sense, the constant freedom from 'wonder'." He believed that the most valuable motivators for students were imagination, curiosity, desire to know, pleasure in learning and an awareness of the social value of the results, and that the most important task for schools was to try to guide students to develop these mental abilities that could inspire creativity. He concluded that "education should be such that what is offered is to be received by the pupil as a valuable gift, not as a strenuous task to be borne by him."

  Drawing is an important way of developing a child's creativity and imagination.

 The brain needs energy and energy is mainly obtained from food. It has been said that what your child eats for breakfast determines the kind of person your child becomes. This is of course a bit of an exaggeration, but it is not without truth. During the day, give your child foods rich in vitamin C and protein, such as fresh vegetables, fruit, soy products, meat and fish, and even better, a banana for breakfast. The brain needs a lot of oxygen and sugar to work, so it is important to keep the air in the room fresh and ventilated. Make sure that your child does deep breathing exercises, or "breath-taking", regularly. This is done by closing the eyes, breathing in - to the dantian - and breathing out - to the end. Let your child exercise more often to ensure that his or her brain is well nourished.

 Parents should also be aware that the best way to protect the brain is to ensure that their children get enough sleep. This is because the immune cells in the muscles can only grow well when a person is sleeping. If you don't get enough sleep for a long time, your immune function will naturally decline and you will get sick, which will also affect your work and studies.

  The brain is like a "sleeping giant". Help your child to develop his or her brain - when the giant wakes up, it will be the day of success.

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