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 In a book I read a beautiful and moving story. The main character of the story is called Ruiqi, a lady who is very pessimistic because of the loss of her mother. However, when she meets Wendy, a young girl with leukaemia, on the beach, she sees the value of life.

  Wendy is only six years old, but loves life so much. Her story, touched me so deeply that I published her story in the China Youth Daily, hoping that more children would read it, cherish their lives, love their lives and love life.

  I once heard of a freshman at a major university who committed suicide by jumping off a building because he ranked behind in his exams several times.

  I also heard of a postgraduate student with excellent grades who could not extricate himself from his drug addiction and ended up on a desperate path ......

  Whenever I hear news like this, I feel very sorry for you because every life is so beautiful and hard to come by.

  It's not easy for you to come into this world, and you don't have any reason not to cherish your life, let alone mutilate it. Your life is the most precious gift given to you by your parents; your life holds a lot of love and hope from your parents.

  As a Chinese teenager in the new century, how should you treasure your life?

  I suggest that you and your classmates shout together at the first class every morning, "I can do it in the new century!" Then, you will feel full of power as you actively work hard to do what you need to do every day.

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