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Quiet listening is sometimes worth a thousand words.

  According to a famous psychologist, parents who allow their children to express all their feelings - positive and negative - through words are the greatest protection for their children.

  As children, they always want their parents to share their happiness or share their anger, fear, depression, and sadness, but we, as parents, tend to hear only the "good news" and not the "bad news. In the long run, the child is disappointed, think what things to say to parents is also in vain, it is better to bury the bad mood in the heart. Over time, the negative emotions can not find a channel to vent and resolve, the accumulation to a certain extent may suddenly erupt into a confrontational emotions, so as to bring damage to themselves and their families.

  Both adults and children can only listen to each other if they feel that the other person can truly understand their thoughts. By repeating the main points in our own words immediately after listening to our child's thoughts and communicating with him, our child will feel that we have been listening carefully and that we respect and understand him. Then, the child will be able to behave calmly, regardless of his or her state of mind, and it will be beneficial to solve the problem.

  Sometimes we don't need to talk to our children, we just need to listen to them quietly and they will be satisfied. The attention, respect and time that parents give to their children as listeners is the most effective way to help them.

Silence is sometimes worth a thousand words. It is a mystery of how people communicate with each other. Can you understand this silent communication? Can you learn to use it? Then sit down and quietly listen to your child!

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