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People who are good at collecting loving details are full of passion.

  Details are the easiest to infect people.

  A novel, the tear-jerker is often not the grand scenes, big events, but some small details.

  My experience is that people who are good at discovering love, feeling love, and cherishing the details of love as "pearls" one by one, will become the richest people in the world. Because the "pearls" make him always full of enthusiasm for life, and constantly produce the passion of life.

  Details, need to find, more need to perceive. As a famous person said: "Life is not the absence of beauty, but the lack of discovery."

  The details of love are all around us every moment, depending on whether you find them, whether you will pick them up, and whether you can keep them.

  When I was in elementary school, my classmates gave me the nickname "Fireplace" and I loved it. Perhaps it is the positioning of this nickname, so that I have maintained a fire-like enthusiasm for people since childhood. After going to work, I was said to be "unquenchable flame", always so optimistic, rarely have sad time, what difficulties, setbacks, blows can not overwhelm me.

  So, where does one's enthusiasm come from? From the feeling of love. When you feel that people around you love you, you will naturally develop the enthusiasm to love in return.

  Therefore, it is not enough to give love to children, but it is important for them to learn to experience love, collect love, and turn it into enthusiasm for life and for people around them.

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