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      A person's potential is very large, a mathematician in the United States believes that: the total number of neurons in the human brain between 10 billion to 14 billion, so the amount of information that can be remembered by the human brain in a lifetime, equivalent to 3 to 4 times the capacity of the world's largest library, the Library of Congress, which has a collection of 20 million books. So the child's academic performance can not go up for a while, we do not have to be impatient mother, to be patient development, as long as you believe that your child can do, will certainly be able to.

But today, what is the message to the children around us? Adults often accuse their children of being "too bad!" "Too bad!" "Too unmotivated!" "Too unproductive!" ...... children who grow up with negative messages all day long, their talents are ignored, they invariably define themselves as "I can't do it", and they really can't do it.

  We as parents, if we do not lose the negative consciousness of "you can't", will become the biggest obstacle to the success of children.

  The modern Peking Opera artist Gai Yatian once said, "There is no such thing as not being able to do anything in the world. '. Always have confidence in everything and always think 'yes'. If you do something, first worry about the 'fear of not' it, then there is no courage."

  This is very true, their own children do not believe that they can do, then who can trust them?

  Columbus once said, "The world is for the brave." Children who grow up shouting "I can't" will definitely not be able to compete with children who grow up shouting "I can".

  It is the person who controls his or her own destiny, it is courage, and this courage should be cultivated from childhood.

  When the three big words "I can do it" become a belief, with the passage of time quietly sunk into the bottom of the child's heart, they will really grow up!

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