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One day I switched on the television and watched the CCTV programme "Focus Interview" and saw the reporter reporting on the "Talking about civilisation and making a new style" campaign in Dalian. A boy from Dalian who was interviewed said, "Control my mouth and don't swear; control my hands and don't litter; control my feet and don't trample on the lawn."

  I was very impressed by the boy's "three controls". I think, as a parent, you can't help but "control your children" every day, and it is every parent's responsibility to discipline their children, but the question is how to "control" them. Is it punishment? Is it scolding? I see that this child in Dalian has come up with a good solution: let the child control himself, this is called self-discipline.

  In order to create a civilised image for children, it is particularly important to emphasise self-discipline, and parents may wish to do two things.

  One is for parents to take the lead in controlling themselves and not doing uncivilised things. For example, take the lead in crossing the road by using pedestrian crossings and not crossing guardrails or running red lights even in a hurry. Observe order in public places and take the lead in queuing up for shopping; do not use foul language and do not lose your temper ...... everywhere to set an example for your children.

  Secondly, you should constantly give your children a heads up to arouse and reinforce their sense of managing themselves. For example, when you buy a popsicle and your child is peeling the paper from it, you remind him, "Think about where you should throw it." When you go to someone's house as a guest, you tell them beforehand how to be a civilised little guest ......

  I heard a story about a recreation ground in Germany where there were colourful balls scattered on the green lawn. It turned out that there was a sign standing at the end of the lawn which read, "Please do not trample on the grass." Adults and children playing with the balls, who accidentally throw them into the grass, leave them there and no one will step on the grass to pick them up. The green lawn with the coloured balls made a beautiful sight.

  This story tells us that once civilisation becomes a conscious action, it will gather into a great force and make both people and the environment more beautiful.

  Just as Gorky said, "Even a little restraint of one's own makes one strong and powerful."

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