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Love is a pocket into which a sense of satisfaction is generated, and out of which a sense of achievement is generated.

  What is love?

  Love is a feeling. A person feels the value of their life when they are needed by others; a child feels how great their young life is when they are needed by adults, and so feels a deep sense of love.

  For an adult, receiving love from a child is blissful and joyful; but for a child, giving love to someone else, who understands, accepts and feels it, is happier than receiving love from an adult! However, many parents today have monopolised their children's 'opportunity to love' and deprived them of their 'right to love'. In an only-child family, children are surrounded by all kinds of adult "love" and all adults are more "powerful" than children. Instead of having the opportunity to love adults, children are 'loved' to death by adults.

By giving back to others who care for you, you are giving your love to those who love you.

  Huang Luming, a student at Baogang Primary School in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, said it well.

  "We should not only find love and look for it, but also give a piece of ourselves, only then can we really feel the innocence and beauty of love."

  There is a song, the title of which is called "A Good Man Lives in Peace". What is a good person? It is the person who gives love. People who give love are happy for life.

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