Embrace children with a loving heart-Woodmam


 All lives should be respected, children are not guilty!

  Children need a wide space to grow.

  What is the most expansive place in the world? It is the human heart.

  The French writer Victor Hugo had a very appropriate analogy: "The widest place in the world is the ocean, wider than the ocean is the sky, and wider than the sky is the human mind." A wide heart can accommodate all things, and a parent's heart can accommodate all kinds of children.

  As parents, we should be able to tolerate those children who are poor learners, naughty children and so-called "problem children"; as a society, we should be able to tolerate those children of "problem parents". No matter who the parents of the children are, even if they are criminals, we should firmly believe that "children are not guilty"!

All children under heaven need tolerance. The famous educator Sukhomlinsky said, "Sometimes tolerance causes stronger moral shocks than punishment." Parental tolerance will give children a more relaxed space to grow up.

  For the sake of love, learn to tolerate your children.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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