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Difficulties and setbacks are the best universities for growing children.
Madame Curie is the pride of our women all over the world. Her indomitable spirit in the face of setbacks and difficulties is truly compelling. She once said, "I have never been lucky, and I will never expect to be lucky in the future; my highest principle is: never give in to any difficulty whatsoever!"

  Difficulties and setbacks are the best university for a growing child. Whatever the person, as long as he has not tasted the taste of hunger and thirst, he will never enjoy the sweetness of food and water, do not know what life is really like; a child, if he has not experienced difficulties and setbacks, will not taste the joy of success, have not experienced the suffering, will never feel what is called happiness.

  A good ability to bear setbacks, the ability to recover from setbacks and the spirit of indomitable and unyielding to setbacks are indispensable qualities of successful talents. It is especially important for today's children to develop the ability to endure hardship and not to succumb to setbacks.
I think that children who have experienced trials and tribulations like Ji Hongbo will truly know the true meaning of life and will be better able to love others and our motherland.

  A good mindset to withstand setbacks is honed in childhood and adolescence by having suffered setbacks and constantly working through difficulties. It is an important sign of one's quality.

  Rousseau once said: "Do you know what method you can use to make your children unhappy? That method is to be obedient."

  Therefore, mom and dad to the child's excessive indulgence, obedience, will only produce a strong negative effect; mom and dad's uncompromising care, only to let your child again and again with the hardships that can hone his growth, failure and frustration missed, so that they lack the courage and experience to face setbacks and overcome them, once suffered a setback, will be at a loss, a stumble.

  Balzac said, "Suffering for life is a stepping stone, for capable people is a fortune, for the weak is an abyss of ten thousand feet." A person who can't stand aggression, can't stand setbacks, and is afraid of hardship is unlikely to face the fiercely competitive world of the future. What parent can guarantee that your child will not be frustrated in his or her life.

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