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Enthusiasm - hold out your heart; Communication - impress others; Confidence - win everyone's heart.

  Goethe said, "Man cannot live alone, he needs society."

  Good interpersonal relationships not only bring happiness to life, but also help people to succeed.

  Therefore, social skills are an important ability for human survival.

One of the secrets: enthusiasm - hold out your heart

  There are many factors that contribute to a person's success, and enthusiasm is one of the indispensable factors.

  Enthusiasm is the excitement that comes from the heart, a burning spiritual trait that exists deep inside a person. The difference in intelligence and ability between successful and unsuccessful people is usually not great, but if two people have similar qualities in all aspects, the person with enthusiasm will have a better chance of getting what he wants; a person with less ability but with enthusiasm will usually outperform a person with great ability but lacking enthusiasm.

 Tip #2: Communicate - impress others

  If you want your child to be friendly and welcomed by others, you should let your child learn to respect everyone from an early age, learn to communicate with others and impress them.

  The way parents communicate with their children will directly affect the hearts of their children.

Secret No. 3: Confidence - Winning the hearts of others

  I once interviewed Shen Wen, a farmer-entrepreneur, who developed a small mushroom house in a village into a large enterprise with branches in four countries - Shanghai Zijiang Group of Companies. I asked him the secret of his success, and he spoke two words: "Confidence." He said, "Only if you believe you can succeed, the people who work with you will have confidence and excitement."

  I interviewed the people around him. An old engineer who retired and returned to work said he was willing to help Shen Wen to do it, Shen Wen is the power, do it with him, it will be successful!

  Interaction with people, self-confidence is like the magnetism of a magnet, will attract many capable people. Believe that you can do, you will attack everything. Someone said, "People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose a lot, and people who lose courage lose everything."

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