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 It's so hard to be a parent in the new century, and it's so good to be a parent in the new century.
 It's so hard to be a parent in the new century.
One of my girlfriends and her son in middle school were having a pretty bad relationship and asked me to mediate. One day, I went to her house and met her son alone. The older boy, who had attended a summer camp I organized when he was in elementary school, was warm to me and happy to talk to me.

  "My mom was polite to everyone else, but she always threw a fit with me. Every day as soon as my mom came back from work and I opened the door, as soon as I saw her face drawn, I immediately ran back to my room and shut the door tight to save myself from being scolded." The son cited several examples.

  "Your mother is not easy, she is a leader in the unit, worry about a lot of things, she comes home and has to cook, take care of you, tired enough, love tantrums may be to menopause ......"

  "Menopause?" Not waiting for me to finish speaking, the boy could not wait to take over the conversation, "Since I went to school, my mother's temper is so bad, how is menopause so long? You can give me a countdown, when will the menopause end? I also have something to look forward to!"

  I couldn't help but laugh.

  I sympathize with the boy, afterwards I said to his mother, we can not blame the child does not understand us, we should also change to change themselves, although it is not easy to change themselves. Usually, we care a lot about the material requirements of our children, focusing on the care of their lives, but neglecting the inner emotional world of our children, especially neglecting the positioning of our own image in the minds of our children.

  When my girlfriend heard my son's opinion of her, she said, "It's so hard to be a parent nowadays, where we were so much when we were kids!" But she still promised to change her attitude toward her children.

  From another point of view, it's so good to be a parent in the new century.

  Children are close to modernity. Having a child at home who goes to school brings in modernity from time to time and keeps us up to date.

  Times are changing, today is different from yesterday, and tomorrow is different from today. Especially when new terms and concepts like digitalization, networking, and globalization break into our lives, we can feel every day the great changes that the development of science and technology has brought to human life. These changes include not only the constant renewal of many products we use, with shorter and shorter life cycles, but also the knowledge and skills we have learned, which depreciate faster and faster with the socio-political and economic changes. The model of teaching children that our grandparents have inherited for generations is becoming less and less adapted to today's children. Especially when we enter the information age, our lifestyles will change unexpectedly. At that time, we may carry only one card on us and we can travel all over the world. People will increasingly feel the importance of learning new knowledge and skills, and without the ability to learn, it will be difficult to move forward.

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