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Crouch down and get level with your child and you will find another world.
Get level with your child. This is a principle that should be followed by all those who work with children.
Shouldn't we as parents, to be accepted by our children, also find our place, squat down, listen to our children, understand their thoughts, and know what they want to do? Shouldn't we always be looking at our children from above and reprimanding them incessantly?

"Stand on the same level and look at your child at eye level." This is a concrete sign of respect for the child. Father and daughter, sitting on an even keel and talking (note: not lecturing!) every day for For one hour, for 11 years, what a feat!
One hour every day, 365 days a year, for 11 years is 4015 hours.
This hour is extremely important to a child's development.
From the one hour a day, the child understands the mother and father, reads the books "mother" and "father", and voluntarily accepts the truths in the books.
This hour may be very valuable to a busy parent, but the value it creates cannot be bought with money.

  From this hour, the young mother and father understood their children, read the book "Children", and appreciated and cherished their children from the inside.
When the two generations form the habit of talking and communicating with each other as equals, the barriers will be removed and the divide will be broken.
If your child is still small, please squat down and talk to him. You will find a peculiar world unfolded in front of you.

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