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 A friend of mine's son went to a major national university as a special arts student. While the family was happy, they had been worried about his studies, as most of those who entered this university were top academic students.

  But to no one's surprise, her son stayed at school for three days and came home and said to his mother, "I am not the same kind of person as them, they don't understand my humour and I miss home."

  My friend was very surprised. When he was in primary and secondary school, my son had always been popular with his teachers and classmates for his lively personality, his humour and his ability to get along with people, but once he entered university, the first problem he encountered was how to get along with people. So I told him, "The world is made up of all kinds of people, just like the rainbow is made up of seven colours. One can only adapt to the society of the future if one learns to get along with different people."

  My son took the advice and began to take the initiative to socialise with those foreign students whom he thought were strangers. During breaks in military training, he enthusiastically sang and performed skits for everyone ...... His humorous performances were well received by his classmates. When he returned, he also helped organize the department's choral program, which also won first place in the school's freshman show. After a week, he was in a better mood, fell in love with the new group, adapted to university life and was chosen as the 'Star of the Week'. He later won the best performance award in the university's Create Your Own Show competition.

  The mother also learned from her son that three weeks into the school year, there are still boys aged 18 and 19 who hide under the covers of their dormitories at night, sobbing with homesickness. Some students have no one else in mind, and when they go to the toilet at night, they open, close and talk so loudly that they disturb others' rest without even feeling it themselves. I also heard a friend say that her family had a distant relative's son, who was the top student in the local college entrance examinations and had been admitted to a major national university, but after only two days of enrollment, he felt that "the world was too cold" and "no one cared about him". He left school for dozens of days because he "couldn't work with 'strangers'". Other "highly talented" students at schools have even taken the path of dropping out and committing suicide because they didn't fit in. ......

  A person's entrance to university is based on marks, while a person's entry into society and success is based on ability. "Working with others" is the most basic and important ability for human survival.

  I am afraid that we, as parents, have heard and seen things like this before. This should be a cause for reflection for all of us parents.

  As parents, if we are responsible for our children's future, we should not only care about their test scores, but also about their overall development and improvement. We should help these "only child, only child, only family, only family" children to come out of their loneliness and become a social person who can live in harmony with others, so that they can develop their talents and embark on the road to success.

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