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Don't let your child have "fear". Not afraid of small animals, not afraid of the "big bad wolf", not afraid of the "police", not afraid of "ghosts" - the reason is The same thing.

  Many people are afraid of some kind of small animal, and that is a painful experience. People who are not afraid or not afraid deeply do not experience that kind of torture.
A few lessons I have learned in this area are.

  First, what adults are afraid of, do not show it in front of the children, especially when they are young. For example, when Yuan Yuan was young I never let her know that I was afraid of that little animal. In telling her stories occasionally encountered in the book. If the way it used to be, I would be so scared that I would throw the book away at once. But in order not to scare Yuan Yuan, it is hard to endure, find a borrowed page to quickly turn the page is. Dad led her to see the little animal, I just pretend to do something else, not to let her know that I was afraid not to go over to see together. When she grows up, she will know that I am afraid of such things, and that will not affect her.

  Second, if the child has shown fear of something, to create opportunities for him to slowly touch that thing, a little acceptance, if you can find a way to let him accept the first time, it will be easier and easier later. I remember when I was a child once almost to accept that small animal, because several children are playing with it, I also began to have some interest, but no one encouraged me at the time, I was about to accept when I was reminded that you are afraid of this, do not play.

  Third, do not reinforce your child's fear of something out of protection, just divert attention. For example, when a child shows fear of something, do not reassure the child in a loving tone, saying "do not be afraid, we are not afraid of it", this reassurance is an unconscious reward, so that he feels that fear is deserved; adults should then talk about other things in a light tone, to distract the child's attention, so that he feels that parents do not care about his fear. This way he will feel that his fear may not be necessary.

  Fourth, do not talk to others about what he is afraid of in front of the child. Such comments by adults will reinforce his fears.

  There seems to be a saying that of all the negative feelings, such as sadness, anxiety, depression, etc., fear is the most torturous. Fearlessness" is a rare state in life, and it starts in childhood, with the little things. Do not let children have "fear". Not afraid of small animals, not afraid of the "big bad wolf", not afraid of the "police", not afraid of "ghosts" - the reason is the same. The same thing.

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