"ADHD in children" is a lie-Woodmam


The "ADHD Diagnostic Scale", a crude, stupid and pretentious thing, is being used as a primary screening tool for children. It's not just a scale, it's a diagnostic trap.

  "The real "cause" of ADHD is that adults make two mistakes: a wrong view of children and a wrong approach to education.
 The basic principle of Montessori education theory and method is to "minimize interference with the initiative of children" (12), that is, to give children maximum freedom, give them respect, develop their potential, so that they learn to do things independently, independent judgment. Harvard professor and educator E.G. Holmes said, "The essence of Montessori's theoretical system is her powerful assertion of the following truth: Children can neither develop themselves nor be studied usefully except in an atmosphere of freedom!"

  "Less intervention" and a "free atmosphere" for children is the only way to produce healthy and harmonious children, which is logically consistent with the fact that the majority of "ADHD" children come from strict disciplinary families. This is logically consistent with the fact that the majority of children with ADHD come from families with strict discipline. If there is really a medicine that can cure children's problems, then "reduced intervention" and "free atmosphere" should be the best two pills.

  Montessori said in his book "The Absorbent Mind" that man is an intelligent animal and therefore needs psychological food almost more than material food. By "normalizing" the child's living conditions without intimidation or coaxing, his illnesses will disappear, his nightmares will disappear, his digestion will normalize, and his greed will diminish. His physical health will be restored, because his psychology will be normalized.

  Social life has become so delicate that being able to have children is not the same as being a parent, and contemporary parents need to learn how to be parents religiously. If you have an "ADHD" child in your family, the first and most important thing you can do to change your child is to change the parents themselves. The first step is to decisively throw the pills in the trash and bravely admit to your child that I was wrong. This is a new day for the parent and a new day for the child.

  Special Tips

  The pills you take will leave traces in your body; being labeled as "ADHD" will also leave traces in your mind.

  Mental deficiencies and mental illnesses in children are mainly educational problems, not medical problems, and educational training is more effective than medical treatment.

  Continuous psychological trauma can cause a lot of mental stress and behavioral perversions, making the child either an unruly punk, a puppet who has lost all sense of self, or a loner or paranoid who can't get along with others - behind all this is a lack of security and self-confidence in children.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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