• Don't "work hard" to learn-Woodmam

    Don't "work hard" to learn-Woodmam

    One cannot hate something and do it well at the same time.  To subjectively demand "hard work" from a child without paying attention to the nurturing elements of the environment is as unwarranted as thinking you can grab a bunch of money out of the air, and is typically idealistic."Hard work" is a mature learning character, which does not arise out of thin air, but...
  • "ADHD in children" is a lie-Woodmam

    "ADHD in children" is a lie-Woodmam

    The "ADHD Diagnostic Scale", a crude, stupid and pretentious thing, is being used as a primary screening tool for children. It's not just a scale, it's a diagnostic trap.  "The real "cause" of ADHD is that adults make two mistakes: a wrong view of children and a wrong approach to education. The basic principle of Montessori education theory and method is to "minimize interference with the...
  • Violent work is an "educational accident"-Woodmam

    Violent work is an "educational accident"-Woodmam

    Violent homework has an overall negative impact on children's confidence, will, and character. Its bad effects are much more than how hot it is to put on an extra shirt or eat an extra bun. It can change the whole state of things, make children suffer from a chronic disease of "boredom", destroy their motivation, eat up their creativity, sap their happiness, and the...
  • Get out of the pit of educational misconceptions-Woodmam

    Get out of the pit of educational misconceptions-Woodmam

    Some "pits" are laid on the ground in a grand manner, and there is never a shortage of pits, and one "pit" can be enough to break a child's talent, or in serious cases, ruin his life. If parents know that it is called a "pit", the money spent to buy harm will not happen again.A good Head Start should be playful, uninhibited, varied,...
  • The story of a scam-Woodmam

    The story of a scam-Woodmam

    Life is the best classroom, and every experience is a treasure. We should let our children feel the beauty of life more, but also let them know that there is a dark side of life and danger. In this way, they can better protect themselves.We were walking along a road leading to the station square when a young man hurried past us, in a...
  • Little Lone Ranger-Woodmam

    Little Lone Ranger-Woodmam

    Whatever you want your child to do, be sure to weigh all aspects of the situation and choose those things that are safe for your child to do. As guardians, parents must be responsible for the safety of their children first and foremost. The formality of whether or not the child is allowed to go out alone is not the most important thing. The...
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