5 Famous Wooden Toys-Woodmam

1. Kay Bojesen's Monkey

The author of this wooden monkey is designer Kay Bojesen, who applies traditional Scandinavian woodworking skills to toy design, making a variety of jointed toys that can move. These lovely wooden toys still look timeless and unfashionable today!

2. Mark Giglio's Forest Family

Mark Giglio, from Oakland, California, is not only a designer but also an illustrator and photographer. He is currently working at Pen Pencil Stencil, a studio he founded.

The Forest of Woods series is made from wood trimmings, giving a strong sense of a fairy tale world.

3. David Weeks Studio's Animal Puppets

The toys designed by David Weeks Studio are produced by New York-based homeware company ARE AWARE, which admits that the wooden toys incorporate elements of contemporary graffiti culture. and transcend the meaning of decoration and toys.

4. Take-G's techno-puppets

Take-G is a wooden toy manufacturer established by Japanese designer Takeji Nakagawa in 2001 after graduating from the Department of Industrial Design of Woodworking Crafts at Musashino Art University. The works are made through the process of inlaying logs of different textures and colors with mortise and tenon, and its works are very imaginative, cute, and with sci-fi, shapes that are really endearing.

5. Enzo Mari's animal puzzles

Enzo Mari, born in Italy in 1931, is a designer and artist. The Italian designer is known for his experimental designs in plastic and children's toys, and his works are always displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Danese 16 Animali, produced in 1957, is produced by Danese in a limited edition of 300 sets per year, each set consists of 16 animals, which can be built and put together, and is not only suitable for children but also a challenge for adults.

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