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  People are social creatures and need to interact with others. Young people in the "weaning period" have a strong need for space to grow up and want to be treated as adults. If teachers and parents still treat them as children, they will become bored and confront them. It is important to learn how to guide your child.

  I know a father who was very wise in dealing with his son's problems with the opposite sex.

  The father was the head of a county education bureau in Henan and his son was a secondary school student. One day, the son said to his father, "Dad, I have a crush on a girl who is beautiful, intelligent and nice.

  The father said, "Yes, you can look at her, does she look at you?"

  The son said proudly, "She sees me too."

  "That's good, it means you're great that you can be fancy by a girl; it means your eyes are open, if you want to develop in the county in the future, you should continue your relationship with her; if you want to develop in the city, you should go to the city to solve the problem in the future; if you want to develop in the province, you should go to the province to solve the problem; if you want to Beijing, you should go to Beijing to solve this problem; if you want to develop in the world, you should go abroad to solve this problem."

  The son listened and said, "Then I'll wait and see."

  In a humorous way, this wise father gave his son an important piece of life advice.

  Instead of closing your child off and controlling his interactions, open the door and let your child learn to communicate with others in a wide range of interactions. Some experts have suggested that turning "early love" into "early training" is a good idea.

  Just like the Great Yu to rule the water, "unclogging" is better than "blocking".

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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