Spiritual growth needs to be exhaled-Woodmam


 I asked a boy who played football, "Why do you love playing football?"

  The boy said to me, "My dad used to beat me up, and every time I got beaten up, I would go out and play football because I was so angry. I think of the football as my dad's head, and every time I kick it, I shout my dad's name, and after a while I am relieved. When I got home, my dad was fine."

  The boy's innocent and honest words made me laugh.

  Everyone has grievances in their heart and they need a way to vent them. Like a balloon, if it is inflated but not deflated, it will sooner or later explode. If a person does not vent his or her discontent in time, it will also explode.

  An elderly gentleman's son was injured in a car accident and was admitted to hospital, and the old man himself was so anxious and angry that he could not eat or drink. Three months later, his son was out of danger, but he passed away first. When a person is emotionally stimulated, a toxic hormone will be produced in the body, and this harmful substance will remain in the body for a long time, which will induce the crazy growth of cancer cells that already exist in the body.

 Allowing children to express themselves in a way that does not hurt others is an important need for their spiritual growth. Listening to your child is the "golden key" that opens the door to a healthy psychological environment and promotes their physical and mental development.

  Recently, a new thing happened on the streets of Tokyo, Japan: a small sign in the square with a pseudonym of Schoolmaster saying "I listen to you". 29-year-old Schoolmaster doesn't make a living as a listener, he listens to people for free. He has provided a listening service to over 12,000 people, an average of 100 a week. The schoolmaster is actually a teacher and his ambition is to be a good comedian. Three years ago, he noticed on stage that the audience seemed to prefer speaking from the heart to him rather than listening to his wisecracks.

  It is no coincidence that this new career has emerged. Despite Tokyo's growing population, the feeling of loneliness among Tokyoites is growing every day. This has led to the creation of a new profession, that of a listener.

  Adults long to be listened to, not to mention the lonely children. How I hope that one day you too will hang a sign at home: I listen to you.

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