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The second "treasure" of Wang Jing's daughter, Huang Thought, is that "you have to suffer for what you have done".

  As the saying goes, "Eat a rift, grow wise", but the world is full of "eat a rift", some grow wise, some do not. Why is this? It is because the person concerned has not been made to take responsibility for his or her mistakes.

  Some parents often remind their children of their mistakes beforehand, scold them afterwards, and try every possible way to remedy the situation, but as a result, the children don't feel anything at all and are even annoyed with them. The next time, the wrong thing will still be wrong and the forgotten thing will still be forgotten.

 Huang Thought had no choice but to explain the situation to the teacher, change the order of the programme, and then bicycle home in the hot sun to pick up the accompaniment tape. Wang Jing said, "I made her run this one more time, but later she ran countless times less because she remembered the lesson."

  Someone once asked Huang Siwei, "Looking back, do you think your mother did the right thing?"

  Huang Thought replied with a smile, "I think so. 'Making my own mistakes' taught me that whatever I do, I have to bear the consequences myself. So I take responsibility for what I do."

  Developing a responsible person is a constant process of eating and growing wise.

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