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 "'Don't worry, Mum will look for it with you! I helped my son search for half a day, but still couldn't find it. I calmly said to my son, 'Son, you have won the first prize today, report to Mum, Mum is happy and content, it doesn't matter whether there is a prize or not! My son was happy and I experienced the joy of sharing my success with him. From then on, I cared about every bit of love my son gave me. When my son went to secondary school, he used the $80 pocket money he had saved to buy me a beautiful hairpin, which I used for years. I knew it was my son's love and I cared."

  A tiny ring, it may not be worth much, but it is, after all, a child's love! This love is tender; if you care for it, it will grow; if you neglect it, it will wither; if you strike it, it will die. If you want to have a child who loves you, you must care for it, nurture it and nurture it carefully.

  The love of a child is often shown in the smallest details. She may not be as realistic as 100 points or a trophy, but she is a monument on the road of life, the most substantial harvest after the hard work of her parents.

  Unfortunately, however, some parents only know how to give love to their children, but are blind to the love their children give them. They care more about their children's scores and rankings. After dinner, the mother is washing the dishes in the kitchen when the child pokes his head in: "Mum, I'll do it!" "Go, go, go and study. You want to be a chef in the future, you're no good!" In the evening, when the father was watching television, the son came out of the house and made a cup of tea and brought it up, "Dad, have some tea! Sangu has just sent us some new tea, it smells good!" "Who asked you to pour the tea, I can't pour it myself? I knew you couldn't sit still in the house, so you came out to watch TV by pouring tea. The son was so aggrieved that he went back to do his homework in frustration and was never in the mood to pour tea for his father again.

  They say that children nowadays are indifferent, but have you ever given them the chance to love you? Parents who are in a hurry often inadvertently neglect their children's love. Some children's hearts turn from love to hate, from barren to desert, while parents are unaware that they are anesthetizing themselves with their own carefully prepared bitter wine.

  Love is a big pocket, filled with satisfaction and taken out with a sense of achievement and happiness. A child does not find love sweet and does not appreciate it. Once parents learn to accept the love of their children, the value of the child is reflected and only then does it produce immense joy!

  Accept the love of your child! For it is more blessed to give than to receive!

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